Workout Motivation: How to Stay Focused on the Weekends

Keep Your Workout Motivation Going on the Weekends!

Workout Motivation: How to Stay Focused on the Weekends


There’s a natural tendency to want to have some fun on the weekends. 

But you can still have fun AND stay on track! I mean, why throw away all your hard work you did during the week to then feel guilty about it on Monday, right?!

Here are 5 ideas to help you stay focused and motivated on the weekends:
  1. Get on the buddy system.  Having a friend or family member helps you stay accountable, especially on the days you don’t “feel” like it.
  2. Surround yourself with affirmations. Put these positive quotes on your bathroom mirror when you wake up, on your fridge, in your car, in your planner … where ever you will see them throughout the day. There’s also a variety of different free phone apps that you can download! A couple I use are called, “Affirmations,” and “Inspiration.”
  3. Goal Photos. Another visual that is motivating is choosing an old photo of yourself when you were ROCKING it! OR … cut some out of a magazine. Caveat: if you choose to clip from magazines, please please please be REALISTIC. Choose a model that has YOUR body style.
    • For example: Jennifer Lopez. She’s got a great body! But guess what?! I would NEVER cut her out of a magazine and put her on my fridge because my body shape is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than hers and it just wouldn’t be a realistic choice. So if you’re going to use someone other than yourself as your visual motivation, choose wisely because you don’t want to set yourself up for unnecessary disappointment.
  4. Plan your cheat meals. This is very important. The weekends should not be a free for all. Instead, designate AHEAD OF TIME at what meals you will have some fun and stick to it. I like to plan my meals every Sunday night or Monday morning. By then, I know all my upcoming events and activities so I can plan ahead.
  5. GO OUTSIDE! Exercise is NOT limited in the gym. You can run/walk outside, ride a bike, roller blade, jump rope, hula hoop … or try a new fitness class. I know in Tampa there’s a ton of group fitness classes offered outside, as I’m sure that’s the case around the country. And if you can’t find one outside, it’s okay. The point is try something different 😉

>>> I hope these were helpful to keep your workout motivation going! I would LOVE to hear what helped you the most by sharing below!

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