Vanessa’s Transformation Part 1

Where do I start?

I guess we can start with how hesitant I initially was to put these photos up for the world to see. Only a select group had seen this so far. I mean, I knew that this could help inspire others, but my ego and insecurities made me hesitate and actually procrastinate. Because I’ve been wanting to put this up for a while now…

But I knew in my heart that I HAD TO! And if I could INSPIRE even a few people, it would be WORTH it being VULNERABLE and posting it up for whomever to see.

Instead of me just repeating what’s on the About Me page … I’ll share some different insights 🙂

→ So you know, the transformation goes from left to right. And the last photo – the one in the fuchsia pants – was taken around Spring. I’ll be posting some more after photos because I’m still transforming 😉

And don’t you love my mugshot look on the top left <insert sarcasm>!

Most of you know that my soul mate workout is Turbo Fire/Kick. So Turbo has A LOT to do with my transformation. But I was also doing ChaLEAN Extreme during this period, which is a strength training program designed to help build muscle and lean you out without the bulk! After all, “muscle does burn fat!”

I was also drinking Shakeology daily as either my breakfast or lunch. I now drink it generally as a snack for my daily dose of health, because my goals are less weight loss and more cleaner eating, strength/leaning out and overall health. But, what many people don’t often really talk about are your habits and/or your emotions. And to me, this is the MOST CRUCIAL aspect of getting healthier. Yes, working out and nutrition are VERY IMPORTANT. However, without really understanding what makes you tick and without being OPEN to working on YOU on an emotional level, it’s harder to make it a lifestyle. It’s harder to creative positive habits.
And this was key for me. Because it was a struggle at the beginning.

I was definitely losing weight by doing my workouts and learning how to eat better — and people were noticing! But what sealed the deal for making a permanent lifestyle change was truly working on me. I started reading more personal development and surrounding myself with more positive, like-minded people. (Some of the personal development that has REALLY helped me include: “PUSH” by Chalene Johnson, “The Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway,” by Susan Jeffers and “People Follow You” by Jeb Blounts.)

Along with personal development reading, I also really worked on my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) … yes, you heard right, I have OCD! And not the Hollywood version of OCD, but the real tormenting one that makes you feel like a prisoner at times.

Working on my emotional help, provided me better opportunity to create those positive habits needed to help me continue improving and evolving as a person, wife, daughter, friend, professional… and I’m not perfect by any means! I’m still a work in progress. But going through this process has helped me with not only my fitness life, but in so many other areas of my life.

You see … everyone has something. No one is perfect. Even the ones you think are “perfect.”

So go work on that something. Go work on you.

And everything else, including a healthy lifestyle, will all fall into place!


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