Vanessa’s 2014 Fitness Training – Part 1

Fitness Training Kickoff of 2014!
Here is my progress so far…

On January 7th, I started my 6-week training for Spartan Race! I had gained some unwanted pounds during the holidays and I needed a push. Plus, on my list of fitness goals was to really define my abs – which has always been my trouble spot.

Instead of focusing on “losing weight” or “starting a new program” or “dieting” … I decided to relabel my efforts that would keep me super focused and determined. I wanted to TRAIN for something. You know, like an athlete! And conveniently enough I had an upcoming mud race in February. Perfect! That would be my fitness training goal: Spartan Race!

So if you haven’t figured it out by now … I’m not trying to really lose weight. But tone, gain strength and TRAIN LEAN AND MEAN!

To measure my efforts I not only took my before weight and measurements, but I also decided to take weekly photos specifically focusing on my abs. But to make things really interesting, I decided to wear a pair of workout pants that were low-cut and SUPER SUPER tight on me. That way I could really see the difference in my stomach at the end of the 6 weeks. {Believe me this was scary and hard to do, but I knew it was necessary.}

My 6-Week Fitness Training Goals:
1) Teach my group fitness classes as usual, which include a combo of cardio and toning
2) Add in 1 extra personal cardio workout
3) Add in 3 strength training days and 2 intense ab days
4) Carb Cycling Meal Plans + Shakeology daily
5) No alcohol
6) One cheat day to eat/drink whatever
** Turbo Kick/Fire and P90X3 were huge players in my success!!

All in all I am happy with my fitness training outcome. Although I did cave and had a total of 2.5 cheat days instead of my original plan, that’s not too bad considering it was 6 weeks. Six week fitness training. Lost 11 pounds and nearly 9 inches. P90X3 and Turbo Kick. Vanessa Aviles. Beachbody Coach. Shakeology.

My results:

  • lost a total of 11 pounds (which the majority was holiday weight.)
  • lost 8.625 inches all around, with almost 3 of those inches from my waist!

So this has INSPIRED ME to continue using the “training” relabeling as a means to really focus on my goals. It keeps you so much more motivated and on-target. I mean, who wants to “diet” and “hate” working out??!! It should be fun, yet challenging right!!

So moving forward … I will be doing focused fitness training periods. It’s very similar to my monthly challenge groups I host for my customers, but for myself. And I will be sharing my results with you each time.

Since my training period just ended last week, I’m taking a recovery week this week with lighter workouts, but still eating well overall.

Next week my next fitness training period will commence and I’m thinking it’s going to be for 7 weeks. Ouch!! Wish me luck!

I want to share this with you because I hope it inspires you to keep REACHING and PUSHING for your goals, whatever they are, and NEVER GIVING UP!  It often starts with wanting to “look good,” but it ends up being about feeling good and just living a healthy life, which ultimately becomes an example for your family! So know this is NOT where I started … and it’s NOT where I’m stopping!! Each day, week, month, year — is a new opportunity to grow.

If you want to know a little more about me, my background and my transformation — I welcome you to read the 2 following posts so you can see how this entire journey has truly changed my life in so many positive ways!

Any questions, any time! I’ll be happy to help you!

4 thoughts on “Vanessa’s 2014 Fitness Training – Part 1”

  1. Relabeling is an interesting approach, if not ingenious. If you think of it as training you are more apt to meet the goal you set and the deadline. I’m going to have to try that by developing a “training” plan. The abs look great, by the way. Keep up the training!

  2. As always, I love that your focus is on overall health and happiness. Plus, training with a goal keeps it fun! You’re abs look amazing!! Way to go. 🙂

  3. Your results look amazing! Abs are looking great. It’s amazing what dedication and hard work does for the body. I love the workout plan that you wrote out for yourself too!

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