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The top 4 Vital Ingredients in ShakeologyWhen Shakeology was being co-developed by Darin Olien, he asked himself a series of questions, which would ultimately determine what does, or does not, go into Shakeology.

Questions like:

  • What do most bodies require in this day and age?
  • What’s not being delivered in food today (even in high-quality, organic food)?
  • Where are the gaps in nutrition that need to be filled for the majority of people?
  • What’s wrong with the food we currently eat? And why do we even need a shake with that much nutrition anyway?

The nutrient density of our food has continued to plummet over the years due to the fact that the value of money has completely trumped the value of quality. So sad but true!

So when it came to developing Shakeology, the goal was to create something that not only tasted incredibly delicious, but also nourish the body inside and out. And beyond the mere instant gratification of something tasting good on your tongue, everybody really desires to be fueled with more nutrition. And getting more nutrition cures the need to have more energy, better digestion, feeling amazing and getting healthy and fit!

The result—a supercharged, multivitamin- and protein-rich health smoothie called Shakeology. As important as the ingredients in Shakeology are, what drove their inclusion was the body’s need for five vital ingredients.

These 4 vital ingredients are the cornerstones of Shakeology’s creation:

1. Whole foods – So many supplements on the market are just fragmentations of the complete matrix of real food. Think of it like taking the most popular scene from a 2-hour movie and calling THAT the movie. It’s incomplete without the character development, plot, and nuance that make it a holistic experience. The same goes with food. On a biological level, your body needs the whole “movie” to get the complete benefit of the vitamin or mineral that is the star.

You just cannot replace or re-engineer the incredible balance and creation of whole foods. That’s why only high-quality, potent foods, herbs, grasses, and ingredients were selected … and then processed minimally to preserve their integrity, phytochemicals, natural vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, phytosterols, etc. This was a HUGE aspect of Shakeology getting the whole, deliverable nutrition in bioavailable ways.

2. Vitamins and minerals – Shakeology includes quality nutrition from potent and varying whole-food sources. And then it’s backed up with a well-balanced vitamin and mineral profile since whole foods fluctuate from crop to crop.

3. Enzymes – Enzymes are critical for optimal health. But since enzymes flood the food only in the last days of ripening before harvest, enzyme supplementation is critical for the majority of people. Even if you eat all raw foods, the enzymes are still low. And cooked food has zero active enzymes.

Why enzymes? Enzymes have been called “the Fountain of Life”! They are behind every single process in the body! Yes, everything requires enzymes! The labor force of the body that digests, absorbs, allows for signals to be sent, creates new blood cells, etc., is all governed by enzymes. You would be shocked at how starved your body has been for enzyme support. That’s why the addition of these vital forces to Shakeology was so critical.

4. Prebiotics and Probiotics – We’ve all heard about foods with additive probiotics, like yogurt for instance. But did you know that your body can actually manifest its own probiotics if you feed it prebiotics? With the way people eat today they have created a thriving environment for unhealthy bacteria in the body. The prebiotics of the amazing yacon root is food for the “healthy” bacteria, and in turn creates an environment for healthy probiotics to flourish. By getting our internal “ecosystem” in balance, you have the potential for a vibrant, thriving body and life!

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