A More Obese Nation | Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

We all come in different shapes and sizes. And being a size 2 or 4 doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy! Being a healthy weight has a lot to do with many factors not just your clothes size or the scale. It comes down to diet, exercise, effort, consistency, etc. To me, I think it’s more important to look at your body composition (fat versus muscle) than the weight on the scale!! Because you’ll see all kinds of different healthy/unhealthy shapes at for example, 150 pounds!

So now that we’ve covered “skinny” doesn’t mean healthy …

Obesity has been a big problem in our country for years. And with all of the strides we’ve made as a country to eat cleaner, organic, vegan, buying from local farmers markets, restaurants adding nutritional information in their menus … I mean even McDonald’s has included healthier options … I just can’t believe this new report!

“American adults who are obese now outnumber those who are merely overweight” — according to the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal report.
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I read this article feeling like I could cry. 😢 We’re becoming a more obese nation?! 
What the heck?!

There is a trend of obesity & we need to fight together to END IT. 💪

Doesn’t matter if you’re an online coach like me, a teacher, a corporate manager, a police officer … it ALL starts with YOU. And it starts at home. And we can do it together!!

You can have ALL the tools in the world available to you, but it start
s with the individual being informed and then making a DECISION and COMMITMENT to make a CHANGE.

And of course if you’re a parent, you make a HUGE impact on your kids. Your kids may not care what you SAY, but they do 👀WATCH👀 what YOU DO … including what type of groceries you buy and the types of foods you prepare.

Did you know that being overweight or obese increases the risk of a variety of major health issues, like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease?! Also … extra weight can make people more vulnerable to certain types of cancer. At then end of the day, it’s not about getting into that bikini!!! It’s about YOUR HEALTH!! The more you weigh, the greater the health risk you have.

Listen. You don’t have to get all crazy on me now and spend TONS of money on fad diets, buying all these crazy “eat this watermelon for 80 days straight and you’ll lose weight” type of diets. (I hope you know I’m being sarcastic here?!)

Trying to change too much all at once can be SUPER overwhelming. And if you feel super overwhelmed, you’ll
either avoid taking action … or you may start but not stick with it.🙅🏻

I got you!

💁🏻Here are a few suggestions. Just choose ONE. After you conquer that one … then add another. When you got those TWO down, add a third. Just keep layering.

1) Lace up your sneakers RIGHT NOW. Do a 15 minute workout. Just something. That’s it! 15 minutes!! It can b
e as simple as going for a walk as a family! Bring your dog too! – haha…. and if you can’t right at this moment … go after work or later. But do it TODAY!
2) Fill your family’s plates with a big serving of leafy greens (spinach, kale, arugula) alongside a lean protein — let’s NOT be another generation of meat, potatoes and gravy!
3) Candy, ice cream & cake does not need to be a reward for a “job well done” in school. Instead, reward your kids with a trip to the movies, or a new toy … or even better an outdoors activity where they family can interact!
4) Pack a lunch
5) Ditch the soda. Right now, get that crap out of your house!!! Sorry to tell ya, but that also includes diet sodas!
6) Go outside and so something. A sport. Run. Bike riding. Just get OUTSIDE! Remember how going outside was THE thing to do before the internet took over the world?!
7) Find an accountability buddy! If you don’t have one … you can definitely find one in our awesome FitGirlsRock Community by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitGirlsRock/
8) Let’s view our bodies as our HOMES for the rest of our lives — not just something we are lucky to have. 💜

Remember this isn’t about having a “perfect” fitness body. Nope! If you have been reading my messages … you know I’m all about getting healthy INSIDE and OUT and embracing YOUR unique beauty. And getting healthy, strong and empowering yourself.

I think we can all work together to ENCOURAGE one another that being healthy should be the norm, right?!

And let me tell ya something … we can ALL improve our health in one way or another – doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the game for a while, or you’re just starting out.

So what are you gonna start with? One of the suggestions above? Something different? Comment below and share with us! Would LOVE to hear your first (or second or third) step! ☺️



Coconut oil in my coffee… say what?!Coconut Oil Latte

This isn’t quite the “bulletproof” coffee, but it is a coconut oil “latte”!!

Are you willing to try it? Take a photo and post it on my Facebook Like Page: www.facebook.com/vbaviles! Would love to see your latte! 🙂

If you’re intrigued and willing to give it a try, here’s how to make a it:
> Pour 1 cup of brewed coffee into a high-speed blender
> add 1 Tbsp. coconut oil (preferably organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil), cover and blend until frothy.
> Then pour 1 cups serving into a mug and enjoy 🙂

Add any flavorings you like, such as cinnamon or vanilla, to the blender before mixing. It’s important to use a blender; if you don’t blend, the oil doesn’t emulsify and you’ll get filmy, oily coffee (eww!). Also, if you usually sweeten your java, try it without sweetener first—the coconut oil adds a touch of sweetness, so you may find that you don’t need as much or any sweetener.

coconut oil latte

Recent research shows that the type of saturated fat in coconut oil – made up of medium-chain triglycerides – may help the body produce energy, and may increase healthy HDL cholesterol levels. Coconut oil also may help fight colds and inflammation. (And did you know that there are also tons of beauty uses for it?)

Coconut oil is also a good option if you’re going vegan, or just avoiding dairy. Its richness mimics cream in coffee. Or, if you use non-dairy creamers, coconut oil is a good alternative: not only is it healthier (creamers are often loaded with partially hydrogenated oil, sugar, and preservatives), but if you also use it for cooking, it saves the cost of buying a separate creamer.


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen,” right?

I just really started understanding what that really meant just a few years ago. Wish I did sooner because it’s SO TRUE.  Doing all those crunches and then eating whatever you want sure isn’t gonna do it. Pushing yourself in your cardio class and then indulging in sweets daily, definitely won’t do it.


Do not workout to eat.

Eat to workout.

Because in order to get rid of that stubborn belly fat that hides behind all the hard work we do through exercise, we MUST have a clean diet. And that clean diet FUELS your workouts.

So how do you eat clean? This doesn’t mean that you NEVER, EVER, EVER have a slice of pizza, have a piece of cake, or enjoy a glass of wine. It means eating wholesome, natural foods, 80-90% of the time and “fun (cheat) food” 10-20%” of the time.

And a good way to start eating clean is with a clean grocery list, but before I list my grocery list, here are some helpful tips.

Healthy Grocery List & Tips for grocery shopping

  • Get rid of the junk food – now! Time to go through your fridge and pantry and remove any temptations.
  • Do NOT go hungry! Because otherwise you’ll stray away from you healthy food list and start buying junk, or just over-buying.
  • If you’re on a budget, stick to the minimum requirements and look for coupons and deals at local stores.
    • This is a cool site: http://www.organicdeals.com/ (I also follow them on Facebook)
    • I also use the following free smartphone apps: Zipongo, coupons, fooducate.
  • Just because something is labeled “low-fat” “a good source of…” or “healthy” DOES NOT mean it is healthy!
  • Reduce alcohol consumption. It shuts down your metabolism, promotes fat storage (especially in women) and breaks down muscle tissue (makes you rethink your weekends, right?!) If you can’t go a few weeks without a drink, then … there may be other, bigger issues to resolve other than weight.
  • The following foods generally should be avoided or just set aside for your one or two cheat meals: soda (includes diet soda), fruit juice, sports drinks, cookies, chips, crackers, candy, ice cream, pudding, flavored yogurt, deli meats, processed meats, white breads and pastas, sugary cereals, and any packaged processed foods that are full of sugar and processed, chemical crap! Did you know that sugar spikes insulin and promotes fat storage? So avoid it as much as possible if you want to lose weight,  get leaner and just be healthy!

(asterisks indicate my highly recommended foods):


  • Protein powder (Vegan options available)*
  • Eggs & Eggwhites*
  • Boneless/skinless chicken breast*
  • Canned Tuna (in water)*
  • Tilapia*
  • Wild Salmon*
  • Lean Ground Turkey or Turkey Breast
  • Tofu (Vegan friendly)
  • Plain Nonfat Cottage Cheese
  • Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt (Fage is my favorite brand)
  • Nonfat cheese sticks (great as a snack)

Fibrous Veggies:

  • Kale*
  • Asparagus*
  • Spinach*
  • Broccoli*
  • Green beans*
  • Bell Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Artichoke

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try other veggies (including those that are not as fibrous). There are so many others out there besides what I’ve listed, so explore and have fun!
Complex/Starchy Carbohydrates:

  • Old-fashioned Oatmeal*
  • Low-carb/Low-sugar cereal
  • Brown Rice*
  • Quinoa*
  • Sweet potatos*
  • Yams
  • Whole Grain Bread (I personally LOVE Ezekiel bread, from the brand Food For Life, and they are also gluten free)

Healthy Fat Options (pick at least 2):

  • Olive oil*
  • Natural peanut butter or almond butter (please note that the only ingredient should be: peanuts or almonds. There should be oil on top, low/no sodium).
    • And I LOVE PB2, which is powdered peanut powder that’s half the fat of regular peanut butter, easier to add to shakes and you can add water to make it into the peanut butter consistency that we’re used to.
  • Coconut Oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Avocado
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios


  • Blueberries*
  • Raspberries*
  • Strawberries*
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Banana (women should limit to 1/2 of a banana and make sure it’s on the greener side and not so ripe)
  • Lemons (for water & fish)


  • Water* – MUST HAVE and make sure you’re drinking frequently
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk* (can be flavored, I like vanilla)
  • Sugar Free Coconut Milk
  • Green tea bags*
  • Coffee* (watch for those creamers, they are REALLY fattening)

Condiments & Spices

  • Balsamic Vinegar*
  • Honey
  • Salsa
  • Chili powder
  • Mrs. Dash*
  • Mustard
  • Cinnamon*
  • Unsweetened Baking Cocoa
  • Stevia or Truvia


  • Fish Oil*
  • Multi-vitamin* (or Shakeologycan also be your daily multi-vitamin … and then some!)


Hope this was helpful and let me know if you need any help.

If this helped you do some of your grocery shopping, please leave a comment below!