Using Your Past to Shape Your Future

The last few weeks I have been in my own thought bubble.
From thinking about my dreams & goals, to thinking about the past and my struggles … to thinking about my faith and how everything is shaping me.
I remember soon after my mother passed how much I felt I didn’t belong anywhere. I was only in the United States for less than two years when this happened – and to say I felt like a stranger to everyone around me is an understatement. The only familiar anything was my father. I was pulled out of my country, didn’t speak English, had to make new friends, learn a new language, go to a new school, be in a new country and then *poof* mom was gone. The security of a young girl disappears FAST in this type of environment regardless of any innate confidence.
I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I felt ugly (because I was different from everyone else). I felt insecure. I felt like an outsider.
I remember looking in the bathroom mirror and wondering what kind of woman I would become. I wondered if I would ever have friends. If I would pretty. If I would be liked. If I would make a difference. I actually remember specifically thinking about the age of 17 – haha!
Flash forward and here I am. Definitely not 17 lol, but it’s amazing how time flies! It’s amazing how many rollercoasters I’ve been on … and how much I’ve evolved. And the truth is I’m ALWAYS in a constant state of self-evolution. I feel like if you’re not learning, growing and evolving you’re not living. The key is being HAPPY with your NOW even though you’re looking to improve. It’s a fine line, but I think focusing on living in the MOMENT and living in GRATITUDE truly helps with not tipping over that fine line¬†ūüėČ
And although I’m a late bloomer when it comes to many things throughout my life … I feel that I’m an overcomer and on the path God intended me to be. So I must continue walking in faith and walking with the belief my mother is constantly watching over me.
Because believe me … I’ve had SO MANY reasons, excuses and experiences to truly mess me up. Not sure if I’m brave enough to share those with you right now (haha), but then this post would also really turn into a novel, so let’s save that for another post, ok?!¬†
My point: I have had so many different things happen to where I could have chosen a different path. Sometimes people think you’re just “lucky” or it was handed to you. But I believe it’s a combination of hard work, self evolution/growth and prayer. It’s intentional about self-growth at all stages of life. And believe me … I’ve been putting in the elbow grease on ALL fronts for some time. And I’ve fallen FLAT ON MY face several times, too.
And my experiences have turned into my purpose. As a young girl I wanted to make a difference change the world. As I grew up, not only did I not know how, but I got caught up in what everyone else wanted me to do … and what society deemed acceptable.
But I knew DEEP in my soul I wanted to make a difference.
This afternoon I had a conversation with a wonderful person. I’ve never met her in person, she connected with me on my Like Page and then we connected on my personal page. Today makes the second time we’ve chatted on the phone about what I do and how I can help. Our conversation was another reassuring instance of how I CAN make a huge difference. She told me that she felt very connected with me like she’s known me for a long time. And to be honest, I felt the same about her. Like attracts like, right?
I’m helping people, especially women, live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I‚Äôm working to empower them to see themselves in a beautiful light and step out of their comfort zones to reach their full potentials.
And I’m helping people who I’ve never met and outside of my immediate area! That’s pretty cool.
And after we hung up – I had to stop and process everything. I was doing exactly what little Vanessa starring in the mirror at 7 years old wanted. I was making a difference, I was living a purpose.
All that elbow grease was paying off! haha For the last few years is when I have really felt that I’ve belonged. Where I no longer felt ugly. Where I don’t feel insecure nor an outsider. Because I’m creating my family tribe where it feels like home.
I can say little Vanessa would be so incredibly proud that I’m doing something with my life that I‚Äôm extremely passionate and driven towards. That I‚Äôm running a business that I know will change the world.
Because it starts with one soul at a time. Because there’s something special inside every single one of us.
Sometimes we may not know where to look or just how to bring it to life. But this platform is the how, when, where and why for me at least!
And that’s why I am looking for a tribe of women ready to UNLEASH that inner desire. Whatever it may be, I know it‚Äôs there.
If you’re unsure of what coaching is or have absolutely no idea where you’d even begin, that’s okay. When I started, I had no clue too.
But I knew that I wanted to be involved in something that would help me continue growing in a positive light, be MYSELF, and let me share that with others. It initially started with fitness (because this girl needed to lose weight), but it actually led me to discovering the strong, confident and passionate girl I was before fear, insecurity, and self doubt set in. And YOU can set that girl free too!
Our next¬†‚Ä™#‚ÄéFitGirlsEmpower‚Ĩ¬†training kicks off in May! I’ll be working with you closely to teach you, inspire you, guide you, and help you see that there IS something special inside you and there IS a place where that can be appreciated and guided.
There’s so much to share and so much to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and put in that elbow grease to EVOLVE.
Message me, drop me an email or comment if you’re interested in learning more or joining me!

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p.s. And if coaching in no way interests you … take this as me gently pushing you to FOLLOW your heart, passion and inner voice in whatever you wan to do so you can live YOUR life and follow your dreams. It really is never too late.



Why Personal Trainers Are Becoming Beachbody Coaches

Why Personal Trainers – and Other Fitness Professionals – are Becoming Beachbody Coaches

Over the past year, I have perfected how to balance my two businesses: Beachbody Coaching and my Live Group Fitness Training.

Although both businesses have the purpose of helping others get healthier, they are quite different in approach and discipline, producing different revenue streams. But with that acknowledgment, an open mind and creativity, one business can certainly help fuel the other one and vice versa.

Through Beachbody Coaching, I¬†have learned how to use it to better support my clients and increase my income at the same time. I no longer struggle with addressing nutrition properly as Beachbody has a program for that.¬† I no longer stress if I need to take time away from the studio and from my in-person clients because I have a workout¬†solution for them during my absence. And I don’t have to depend on a limited geographic area because I’m building¬†a business that that reaches throughout U.S. and Canada and capitalizes on residual income.

There is a growing number of fitness professionals – like personal trainers, groups fitness instructors and nutritionists –¬†jumping on board. The ability to reach more people and touch more lives is an invaluable opportunity that’s truly rewarding. And to be able to increase your income doing something you‚Äôre passionate about is absolutely¬†priceless!

Here is how I use Beachbody to better train my clients, reach more people and grow my business:

  • Beachbody has¬†a large variety of workout programs – from beginner workouts to extreme – complete with nutritional programs that I use to complement my training sessions on the days (or seasons) my clients¬†are not training with¬†me. There is a 25% commission on all these programs so it‚Äôs a win-win situation. This is also a great way to keep in touch with them if they stop training with you because of budget or needing to change things up.
  • They¬†have extensive, high-quality supplement lines – including Shakeology and the new Performance Line. These are¬†great tools to help your clients reach their fitness goals.¬† You also receive 25% commission on all these purchases.¬† Your clients order directly from your site that is already set up for you, so you never have to spend a ton of money to stock inventory.
  • Beachbody also offers a Club Membership that includes On Demand streaming of workouts, a meal planner tool, 10% off member purchases, among other perks. ¬†As coaches we receive 50% commission on quarterly club dues. As an added perk, ¬†I offer a service to help them with planning by helping them¬†pick meals and snacks that they prefer, while staying in the right nutritional values that is all calculated within the club membership site.
  • Tracking Tools. I use Beachbody‚Äôs site to track progress by entering in measurements, goals, before and after pictures, which is very motivating for clients. Clients sign up for a FREE membership under you also giving them access to fitness¬† tips, nutritional tips and more.¬† All their purchases can be made through there¬†ensuring your receive the commission and they benefit from your support.
    • New Challenge App arriving¬†in early 2016 Beachbody!!! This will be a very intuitive form of accountability, motivational, tracks progress and enters them into daily drawings for prizes.
  • Grow your team with other like-minded people who see your VISION and want to help others.
    Whether it’s a client who has shown leadership skills and wants to stay more on track with their goals … or … someone who is in the fitness industry already … or someone who is looking to change their career and is ready to learn and work hard … building your team is like a building a franchise to reach more people and expand your business beyond your own limits.
  • As you build your team and customer base you¬†become eligible for the Customer Lead Program in which Beachbody starts to send you customers from their infomercials to support them on their fitness journey.¬† You will then earn commission off their purchases in exchange for your guidance. What an amazing way to reach more people and expand your business beyond your limits.
    • I have built my business to where I am eligible for 1-3 new clients a week. ¬†I receive around 6-12 new clients each month.

All in all, the Beachbody compensation plan offers you 8 ways to earn money including a 25% commission on retail sales and a 50% commission on quarterly club dues that we talked about.

Sign up is FREE with a Challenge Pack Purchase! And if you’re Active Military, Spouse of a Active Military, OR a Veteran, the coach enrollment AND the monthly website fee of $16.95 is waived.

A little info about The Beachbody Company:

  • Beachbody spends $100 million in advertising a year.
  • It¬†assigns 50,000 new clients to Team Beachbody Coaches each week.
  • Beachbody has¬†helped &¬†empowered¬†over 20 million¬†customers.
  • The company consistently is awarded top-ranking infomercials.
  • Beachbody has¬†800+ employees¬†who work for our¬†customers every day.
  • In 2014, the company reached¬†$1 billion+ in sales.
  • Beachbody has¬†awarded over $10 million¬†to Beachbody Challenge¬ģ¬†winners since the¬†contest’s inception.
  • The company¬†averages¬†5 million+¬†monthly unique visits¬†across Beachbody¬ģ¬†digital platforms.

If this is something you’re seriously considering, let’s chat! ¬†

If you have questions, I am happy to answer them.
If you’re ready I am all for helping you implement these strategies into your business.

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Here’s a video sharing why¬†Fitness Professionals should considering Beachbody Coaching:


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Save Time with Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping


Meal prepping might seem intimidating to someone who’s never done it before. Or it may seem super time consuming.¬†However, it‚Äôs actually pretty straightforward – and ends up saving you a TON of time – once you get started!

As someone who used to hate meal prepping, but now actually enjoys it …¬†I want to share the best tools that will help make you a meal prep MASTER!!¬†These tools help make prepping food easy and fast.

I mean, no one wants to spend 2-3 hours meal prepping, right?

Make meal prep fast and easy with these 7 tools

Here are 7 tools that will make your meal prep fast, easy, and almost effortless.

1. Grocery List and Meal Planner

Never underestimate the power of writing out your food plan for the week and making a grocery list – AHEAD OF TIME.

It can save you a ridiculous amount of time at the store and will help you stay on track.

For Grocery Lists, there are two tools I found really helpful:

  1. The free family app called COZI. With COZI, you can not only create and share Cozi.Shopping-list-1shopping lists with family members, but also calendars and to-do lists – keeping you all on the same page and organized! Nice, huh?
  2. The 21 Day Fix grocery list is also another super helpful tool. Click here to download it.

For Meal Planners, I also have two tools I love:

  1. Here’s one that’s super easy to use and FREE! It’s my¬†FitGirls_Weekly Workout & Meal Planner, you can download here.
  2. Also, if you want something a little more robust, you can use this online meal planner by clicking here.

FitGirl Tip for any program: Write out your meals for the week first before writing your grocery list.

2. Slow Cooker

Meal Prep Monday Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are an easy way to make flavorful¬†dishes, like chili, stew, soup, a roast and oatmeal, in large quantities. Slow cooker meals also usually freeze well … so you can make extra portions to freeze for another week! ¬†With the holiday season in full swing, now would be a great time to invest in one (or request it as a gift ūüėČ ).

3. Sectioned Containers


Having the right containers for your food is essential for staying organized. These ChefLand containers from come in all different sizes, are dishwasher safe, and are awesome for re-use!

What I love doing is using my 21 Day Fix containers to actually portion out my food and then I store my meals in containers like these.

4. Mason Jars

Meal Prep Monday Mason Jar

Mason jars are super cute right?! Especially when you use them for tea, lemonade, cocktails … or even as flower vases. On top of that they are SUPER practical when it comes to food prepping! Plus, they are pretty inexpensive and can be purchased by the dozen at stores like: Target, Walmart and online on Amazon!

5. Spices


Chicken breast and asparagus are a meal prep masters go-to, however, it can get boring quickly if you don’t add flavor to it. Use spices and salt-free seasoning mixes to add loads of flavor without adding any calories. Mrs. Dash and Flavorgod have many different flavors to choose from and I love both!

6. Insulated Cooler


You can now easily bring your food anywhere and everywhere when you have a¬†proper (and cute!) insulated bag. Whether your schedule is full of traveling, you’re going somewhere for the weekend, you want to replace your current old school lunchbox … or you just want to avoid temptation at events, coolers like Jaxx FitPak or 6 Pack Bags change the game for all meal preppers!


Order your groceries from Shipt (or a similar company).

It’s a “bonus tip” because it’s actually a service and it’s my new favorite tool! This is a fairly new service in the southeast but¬†it’s RAIDLY expanding! Think of it like a Lyft or Uber for grocery delivery. It’s $99 for the entire year and all orders over $35 have free delivery. Dang! That’s a deal.

This saves me SO MUCH TIME and my time is well worth $99!

If you want to give it a try, use my link and get $10 back when you sign up! Click here to get your $10.


I hope these tools help you stay on your meal prepping A-game!

If this helped you out, I would LOVE to see your meal prepping photos! Comment below with your new skills or email me at

OR find me on Instagram! @vbaviles


<3 Vanessa


Did you know that the more you workout, the more you should eat?

Did you also know that eating small meals frequently will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight?

So why do some people starve themselves? Personally, I LOVE to eat! But of course it’s about eating the RIGHT, healthy kinds of foods.

The general “rule” is eating 3 main meals and 2 snacks for a total of 5 daily meals … but sometimes you can have a total of 6 meals when training hard. Of course there’s other schools of thougts and variations, but let’s keep it basic with the 5 meals.

Most of the times, people don’t have a hard time figuring out the main meals … it’s those darn snacks!! People don’t know what to go to for healthy snacks. And I’ll admit I used to be one of them.

>>> Below are my tips on healthy snacking followed by a list of snacks.


1) Pair 2 snack items together, i.e. Fruit + Nuts

2) Try to have a protein with one of your snacks

3) When you get home from the grocery store, divide up any nuts in snack baggies and wash any fruits and veggies right away. Store your snacks on the counter or fridge where you can easily grab them on the GO!

4) Determine your daily caloric intake and then divide that into small meals and snacks that you’ll stagger throughout the day.  If you need helping figuring that out, email me at or you can also use some handy-dandy online calculators like on Free or Team Beachbody.

Healthy Snack Ideas


  • FRUIT, some of my favorites include:
    • Apples
    • Blueberries
    • Oranges
    • Kiwi
    • Melons
    • 1/2 Banana
    • Baby Carrots
    • Celery Sticks
    • Cucumber Slices
    • Cherry Tomatoes
    • Sweet Peppers
    • Kale Chips
    • Low-fat Mozzerella String Cheese
    • Non-fat Greek Yogurt (my favorite brand is Fage)
    • Hard boiled egg
    • Small Chicken Breast
    • Tuna pack
    • Non-fast cottage cheese
  • HEALTHY FATS, and some you may not have thought of include:
    • Almonds
    • Cashews
    • Pumpkins Seeds
    • Flaxseeds (I typically add these to shakes or salads)
    • Hummus Dip
    • Organic Peanut Butter OR even better, PB2 (powdered peanut butter that is half the fat!)
    • Wasa Crackers
    • Brown Rice
    • Old Fashioned Oatmeal
    • Small sweet potato

I think a future blog post will be on some fun, yummy and healthy snack recipes! If you have any ideas that you’d like me to share, please message me or comment below.

Would LOVE your feedback!