Using Your Past to Shape Your Future

The last few weeks I have been in my own thought bubble.
From thinking about my dreams & goals, to thinking about the past and my struggles … to thinking about my faith and how everything is shaping me.
I remember soon after my mother passed how much I felt I didn’t belong anywhere. I was only in the United States for less than two years when this happened – and to say I felt like a stranger to everyone around me is an understatement. The only familiar anything was my father. I was pulled out of my country, didn’t speak English, had to make new friends, learn a new language, go to a new school, be in a new country and then *poof* mom was gone. The security of a young girl disappears FAST in this type of environment regardless of any innate confidence.
I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I felt ugly (because I was different from everyone else). I felt insecure. I felt like an outsider.
I remember looking in the bathroom mirror and wondering what kind of woman I would become. I wondered if I would ever have friends. If I would pretty. If I would be liked. If I would make a difference. I actually remember specifically thinking about the age of 17 – haha!
Flash forward and here I am. Definitely not 17 lol, but it’s amazing how time flies! It’s amazing how many rollercoasters I’ve been on … and how much I’ve evolved. And the truth is I’m ALWAYS in a constant state of self-evolution. I feel like if you’re not learning, growing and evolving you’re not living. The key is being HAPPY with your NOW even though you’re looking to improve. It’s a fine line, but I think focusing on living in the MOMENT and living in GRATITUDE truly helps with not tipping over that fine line¬†ūüėČ
And although I’m a late bloomer when it comes to many things throughout my life … I feel that I’m an overcomer and on the path God intended me to be. So I must continue walking in faith and walking with the belief my mother is constantly watching over me.
Because believe me … I’ve had SO MANY reasons, excuses and experiences to truly mess me up. Not sure if I’m brave enough to share those with you right now (haha), but then this post would also really turn into a novel, so let’s save that for another post, ok?!¬†
My point: I have had so many different things happen to where I could have chosen a different path. Sometimes people think you’re just “lucky” or it was handed to you. But I believe it’s a combination of hard work, self evolution/growth and prayer. It’s intentional about self-growth at all stages of life. And believe me … I’ve been putting in the elbow grease on ALL fronts for some time. And I’ve fallen FLAT ON MY face several times, too.
And my experiences have turned into my purpose. As a young girl I wanted to make a difference change the world. As I grew up, not only did I not know how, but I got caught up in what everyone else wanted me to do … and what society deemed acceptable.
But I knew DEEP in my soul I wanted to make a difference.
This afternoon I had a conversation with a wonderful person. I’ve never met her in person, she connected with me on my Like Page and then we connected on my personal page. Today makes the second time we’ve chatted on the phone about what I do and how I can help. Our conversation was another reassuring instance of how I CAN make a huge difference. She told me that she felt very connected with me like she’s known me for a long time. And to be honest, I felt the same about her. Like attracts like, right?
I’m helping people, especially women, live healthier and more fulfilling lives. I‚Äôm working to empower them to see themselves in a beautiful light and step out of their comfort zones to reach their full potentials.
And I’m helping people who I’ve never met and outside of my immediate area! That’s pretty cool.
And after we hung up – I had to stop and process everything. I was doing exactly what little Vanessa starring in the mirror at 7 years old wanted. I was making a difference, I was living a purpose.
All that elbow grease was paying off! haha For the last few years is when I have really felt that I’ve belonged. Where I no longer felt ugly. Where I don’t feel insecure nor an outsider. Because I’m creating my family tribe where it feels like home.
I can say little Vanessa would be so incredibly proud that I’m doing something with my life that I‚Äôm extremely passionate and driven towards. That I‚Äôm running a business that I know will change the world.
Because it starts with one soul at a time. Because there’s something special inside every single one of us.
Sometimes we may not know where to look or just how to bring it to life. But this platform is the how, when, where and why for me at least!
And that’s why I am looking for a tribe of women ready to UNLEASH that inner desire. Whatever it may be, I know it‚Äôs there.
If you’re unsure of what coaching is or have absolutely no idea where you’d even begin, that’s okay. When I started, I had no clue too.
But I knew that I wanted to be involved in something that would help me continue growing in a positive light, be MYSELF, and let me share that with others. It initially started with fitness (because this girl needed to lose weight), but it actually led me to discovering the strong, confident and passionate girl I was before fear, insecurity, and self doubt set in. And YOU can set that girl free too!
Our next¬†‚Ä™#‚ÄéFitGirlsEmpower‚Ĩ¬†training kicks off in May! I’ll be working with you closely to teach you, inspire you, guide you, and help you see that there IS something special inside you and there IS a place where that can be appreciated and guided.
There’s so much to share and so much to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and put in that elbow grease to EVOLVE.
Message me, drop me an email or comment if you’re interested in learning more or joining me!

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p.s. And if coaching in no way interests you … take this as me gently pushing you to FOLLOW your heart, passion and inner voice in whatever you wan to do so you can live YOUR life and follow your dreams. It really is never too late.



Beachbody Coach Sneak Peek: What Does a Coach Do?

Beachbody Coach Sneak Peek | What Does a Coach Do?

If I was an outsider looking into my life, I would be utterly confused! What the heck does she DO all day??
If you are scratching your head … wondering how I can stay home all day (besides when I teach classes) and build a business … you are invited!

The whole concept of being a Beachbody Coach can seem so abstract and even seem SCAM-Y haha.

Pablo¬†knows, I am one of the BIGGEST skeptics. I question everything! I usually never¬†buy anything or go anywhere until I read reviews & do a ton research. I also like to ask a lot of questions – like I’m interviewing people!!

From being BURNED from buying crap or hiring the wrong contractor or going to wrong mechanic … to being RAISED by the ultimate skeptic (my father) … I feel like sometimes I’m almost expecting to be let down at some point – not good, I know!

Feeling like someone made you feel like an idiot … or like as if they¬†pulled wool over your eyes and you couldn’t see it coming … is one of the WORST feelings EVER!

So with that being said, I would like to “Pull the curtain back” and give you a glimpse into what I do … and then you can decide if it’s a good fit for YOU!


  1. We can either chat on the phone, via email, Facebook messenger, video call, pigeon mail (haha) … so many options these days!
    – OR –
  2. You can join my virtual¬†3-Day Open House I host each month in a private Facebook group. In this group, I share information over the course of 3 days that you can review on your own time ūüôā You can participate and ask questions or just be a fly on the wall.

CLICK HERE to schedule your sneak peek into what coaching is all about. I’ll be in touch within 24-hours.

I DO NOT need a commitment. This is simply a chance for you to evaluate if this is a good fit for you and an opportunity to ask questions!

Here is what I can promise when we connect:

  • This will NOT be one of those schemey “Business Opportunities‚ÄĚ where the creepy sales guy pitches a bunch of different things and tries to pressure people to commit. Eww! Totally not¬†my style.
  • I’m simply going to share MY story, reservations I had coming into the biz… how/why I¬†overcame them and how it has changed our¬†lives…
  • I’ll cover common objections and FAQs
  • Share our team CULTURE and values so you know what kind of family we are if you DO decide to take the leap
  • No pressure to sign up.¬†Simply an opportunity to learn more and decide if it might be right for YOU! You won’t hurt my feelings if it’s not for you … or if the timing just isn’t right.


ALL HEART, no pressure – just a way for me share how¬†awesome this opportunity is … our desire as coaches to help and serve others … and a chance for you to learn more and ask questions to see if is a good fit.

Join my free online Open House or we can schedule an online/phone one-on-one. Click HERE to reserve your online seat or schedule your call appointment.

I need to keep the group limited to those who are not coaches so that I can answer their questions as they come up. Thanks for your understanding! xo