Are you struggling with fitness and losing weight?

Struggling with Fitness

I completely understand how frustrating it is to figure out a game plan for this whole fitness thing. You know what to do, when to do it, how often, etc.
The following tips have really helped me during my fitness journey … especially during the times I felt frustrated, grumpy or tired. Whether you’re following a routine for the first time or refocusing your efforts, I hope these tips will also help you re-energize to get the results you’re seeking!

1) Finding Your Soulmate Workout!

I used to SUCK at this whole fitness thing. Seriously.
I would join the gym, flail and fail … and quit after a month. I hated working out, actually. But then I found a cardio kickboxing workout that soon became my “soulmate workout.” It was challenging, but because it was fun, I was hooked. That opened the door to other type of workouts that are probably not considered “fun” but I knew I needed them. But because I still had my soulmate workout in the mix I didn’t mind as much.
So you can think of my soulmate workout as the gateway to my fitness love (which ended up being my fitness job/calling). It has opened the door for me to not only try those tougher workouts … but actually seek them out!

2) Start Where You’re At.

When I was ready to “commit” to my fitness regiment (for the millionth time – haha) I would often times go “ALL IN” to the point that it wasn’t healthy. Meaning, I would pick a workout plan that was intermediate or advanced and naturally after a few weeks I would feel overly tired, I couldn’t keep up with it and just quit. I didn’t have anyone guiding me, so I just learned through a TON of trial and error, wasting time, and breaking my own heart in the process.
What I FINALLY learned, is that I had  to start where I was at. I had to start at my “beginning point” … not someone else’s.  That starting point differs from person-to-person and even from stage-to-stage of someone’s journey. It’s dependent on your goals, how long you’ve been working out already, and your commitment level.
When I was first starting out and failed at my “go all in this crazy extreme workout” … I recommitted to what I was able to do at the time, which was just 30 minutes a day, 3-4x a week. With time I was not only able to build up the frequency, but the intensity of the workouts. Now I’m 6x a week 30-60 minutes a day – with some being double days.

3) Permission to be Imperfect.

We all fall off for one reason or the next. Either way … don’t beat yourself up, feel like you’ve *permanently* failed, or wait until the next day/week/month to start over.
No one is perfect. Not me, not you, and not any other fitness trainer. Everyone has an unhealthy meal sometimes or misses a workout. Do not let that setback define YOU or your day, your week, or your month. Just JUMP BACK IN and get right back on track. Remember, you’re on a lifestyle journey … and along the way, there will be misses … and a few roadblocks. Just pick yourself back up, keep going … and you WILL get there!

4) Get OFF the Scale.

Don’t be a slave to the scale. Because it will rule over you if you allow it.
There is SO MUCH MORE to your transformation than the scale. Non-scale victories include inches lost, loose clothing, endurance improvement, increased strength, more energy, better attitude, compliments …
Especially if you’re doing resistance training, your body composition changes as you build muscle so the scale can be deceiving of your actual progress.
I say don’t weigh yourself more than 1x a month. Really. A double dog dare you! 😉

5) Give it 45 Days.

Choose a routine and/or program that has as much variety as possible – think cardio (especially HIIT), interval, resistance training and balance/stretching. Then dedicate yourself to it for a minimum of 45 days. Even better 60 days. Don’t expect mountains to move before that – because otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment.
The BIG changes will come after those 60 days – and by then you’ll be hooked!
Eat clean, eat veggies at every meal, no alcohol and drink tons of water!

6) Having a Support Circle

Surrounding yourself with people who are on the same journey as you – or you are looking to become healthier and also need accountability. No one wants to do it alone. And I mean no one. Encourage your spouse, best friend or co-worker. Have them do a fitness challenge with you … something that is fun, measurable and creates friendly competition and camaraderie.
If you don’t have someone in your inner circle, don’t worry! You can find free online groups, like my FitGirls Rock Community, that help encourage and motivate you throughout your journey. Make sure they’re a fun and #nojudugementzone kind of group!
These are just some basics to get you going. Have you tried any of them? Which one do you think would help you the most? Drop me a line in the comments!


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