Relieve Stress Through Exercise


Relieve Stress Through Exercise

Had a rough day? Feeling a little anxious? Are you stressed? Maybe even had an SNL-like skit run through your mind imagining you’re throwing your PC against the wall?

Hey don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there!

But what are you doing about it?

I have found out over the years exercise is one of the best stress relievers out there. Sure I heard and read many experts say that before. But until I really started getting into a consistent workout routine could I really appreciate and understand that advice.

However, I have to confess that there are many occasions I’ll come home from a hard day at work … many times pretty late … and I just DO NOT feel like working out. I can honestly think of several other things to do. Like:

–          Watch TV

–          Talk on the Phone

–          Emotionally Eat

–          Drink Wine

–          Surf the Internet, which of course includes Facebook

If I were to choose any of the above options, I’m sure I would feel better for that moment.  But there’s something about that “after workout feeling” that many things cannot top. Any frustrations you’re feeling are put into the workout, giving it more intensity and energy … which also means more calories burned! Afterwards, you’ve ultimately released endorphins, which promote a good mood. Then you don’t even really remember why you were so upset or frustrated.

I will have to add, however, that in order to get the full benefits of exercise stress relief you’ll have to get into a routine. Working out just once in a while doesn’t help as much in the long run.

There are also other great ways to help relieve stress like: going for a walk, writing in a journal, taking a hot shower/bath, stretching, meditating and … (don’t laugh) certain breathing exercises.

How do you relieve stress? (You know how I hope you’ll answer that question.) But I want to hear your approachJ




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