Quick 5 Minute Workout

You got 5 minutes? 

Quick 5 Minute Workout

Here are 5 moves, 1 minute each, that help spice up your current workout regimen by sprinkling it in OR by repeating each set 3-4x to make it a full 15-20 minute workout! Oh — and no equipment needed so you CAN do this during on your next vacation and/or during the holidays! [yeah I said that ;-)]

Watch the video and/or see my notes below. Enjoy!

1) Knee to Nose – start in plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders and bring your right knee in while you bring your nose toward it. Repeat left to complete 1 rep.

2) Mountain Climbers – right from plank position from move #1 run the knees into the chest while keeping the butt down and abs in tight.

3) Alternating Forward Lunges – come forward with your right leg making sure the knee stays behind the toes, go as deep as possible and push off from the heal to bring feet together. Repeat on left for one rep.

4) Star Plank – start in high plank then rotate to right side plank and lift the top leg as high as possible while keeping the hip lifted. Return to regular plank and repeat on left side for one rep. Modification = while in side plank drop the bottom knee to the floor/mat.

5) Lateral Side Shuffles – shuffle to the right and lunge down with left hand on thigh while right hand reaches for the floor. Repeat left to complete 1 rep. >>Tip: keep your head up and looking forward (instead of down) to avoid getting dizzy.

>>> If you decide to try this let me know how it goes by commenting below 🙂

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