Project Sahara Kickoff

Today is my birthday.

Best way to start it is with this amazing man by my side on the beach.
We prayed, appreciated the beauty of “The Painter” and kicked off my Project Sahara!

Today, I decided to draw a line in the sand _____________ literally.

I  made a vow to let go of the ONE thing that was truly holding me back. A promise, to go on a deep inward journey by relying on my inner strength and leaning more into God’s promise.

I decided to give this personal project the name Project Sahara because it’s positioning myself in a place of solitude. Walking through my own “desert” that is the natural extension of the inner silence of the body … in order to grow and flourish within the “oasis” I create by truly tapping into my full talents … those God-given gifts! {woah, just got deep!}

This line in the sand signifies being set FREE of any chains or crutches that held me down and dimmed my light. It’s not going to be easy, it’s the road less traveled, but it’s going to be marvelous because of how its already shaping me!

Because what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

Although I’m not ready to share {full} details, I’ll share some highlights for now:
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with myself
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with bad habits
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with negative people
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with “needing approval”
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with limiting beliefs

To “formalize” this project and have a daily visual reminder of my promise, I ordered a customized bracelet with the words “PROJECT SAHARA” on it. Eeeeeeek! I seriously got butterflies in my stomach when I saw the FedEx guy pull up to deliver it.

I don’t know about you, but when you put something in writing – whether on paper, stone or metal – it just comes more alive. More real. And definitely more of a commitment.


I’m nervous, yet more excited.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m full of a mix of feelings … excitement, determination, bravery with a dash of nervousness and doubt!

But I think that’s TOTALLY normal when we are about to embark on a special journey. And something we KNOW we’ll come stronger on the other side.

Change is never easy.
But our FOCUS should be on what we WANT more of.

To remain the same?
Or to know we truly overcame?

Discipline in the right direction is HARD.
But so is staying stuck in a rut.
So we must CHOOSE our {hard}.

Where do you feel you’re stuck?
Identify it.
Then make a decision to change it.

And as you can tell, I like to give myself words of intention toward a particular project. So choose a THEME word (or words) to help YOU focus not that specific goal towards your unique transformation.

And hey … if you’ve been ready to commit to something as well and would like to create a similar bracelet with My Intent Project and get $5 off, click here.

p.s. I am NOT affiliated with this company. I just happened to stumble on them online and liked what they’re doing!

This is a time for discipline, creativity, self-reflection, self-motivation, inner-transformation and a chance to see what I’m REALLY made of!

It’s time to really wear my wings with honor. 

p.s. Stay tuned, as I’ll be updating you on ALL the details of Project Sahara!






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