In Fitness & Life: When You Fall, Get Back Up.

Sometimes life really does get in the way. When it does, it can force you to put some of your important goals on the back burner. Even worse, it can sometimes make you take some steps backwards.

Whether it’s moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship, losing a family member or just going through some personal changes in your life – those life events have a major impact on your daily schedule which includes those tasks that help you to achieve whatever goals you have set, including your workouts.

It happens to the best of us. The crucial thing to remember is to not beat yourself up.

Self negative talk can be so agonizing that it can lead to a nasty spiral downward path that’s cyclical and hard to get out of. Even if you have to hit rock bottom, you MUST get out of it.

Here’s my personal example. I changed day jobs late April of last year. I knew that the change would initially take a toll on my schedule as I got acclimated to my new responsibilities, new co-workers and work load. However, I DID NOT anticipate how much it would affect not only my schedule but me. The first month was decent, but as I approached my second and third month it really took a toll on me. The dynamics at the new job were not what I expected … and to top it all off, I was also experiencing some serious family issues.

I won’t even try to sugar coat it: I was a mess trying to juggle everything. So needless to say my workouts took a back seat (which was the wrong thing to do because they would have definitely served as the best stress outlet). I went from working out 4-6 times a week to working out only 1 day a week. To make matters worse, I emotionally ate … from pasta and bread to ice cream and cookies. The progress I had made the previous 2-3 months with losing my last 10 pounds and focused on toning started vanishing as I started gaining back the 10 pounds I lost.

So here comes the spiral downward path: stress at work was reaching peaks, I wasn’t following through on some Beachbody responsibilities and my workouts were pretty much non-existent. I began beating myself down and labeling myself as a failure, inconsistent, not good enough, loser and the list goes on.  All that self negative self talk was only making matters worse, making me less motivated and sad.

This had to stop.

I put together a game plan for all the different buckets in my life.

  • At work, I made a decision to stress less. That may sound over simplified, but I made that mental note because the work load was so relentless – I had to remind myself that the work will always be waiting for me the next day.
  • With my Beachbody business, I made a more defined schedule and aligned myself with a success partner.
  • With my workouts I picked a date that I would start a 30-day strict eating and workout plan. That date went on a calendar, I mentally prepared for it and I told all my friends so I stayed accountable. (What helped as a visual was having an over-sized calendar on my fridge!)

So now … work became more manageable, I’m becoming more successful in my Beachbody business and I lost those 20 pounds I gained back, but also got more toned along the way! Negative self talk still tries to creep in, but I’m continuing to shut it up!

It’s all about making a decision, committing to it, moving forward and having a great support system.

You can always get back up! Just make the decision and MOVE FORWARD!

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