How Shakeology Became the Saving Grace for Sophia

Why Shakeology is MORE than just a “shake!”

I’ve heard a ton of great stories about how Shakeology helps others! From helping people with weight loss and increasing energy to lowering cholesterol and helping fight disease … it’s amazing!

Here’s another great story that I received today from Sophia. Since ordering ShakeO about a month ago, not only has she been enjoying it for breakfast, but it has helped her energy level and even her health! Having her share this with me made me SO HAPPY!!


 Dated: 8/20/2013

Thank you for sending me the Greenberry to try! I love all the recipes on the Beachbody website so I’m going on there to find some yummy stuff to do with it. I think I will just have to buy one of each flavor! I am so hooked on the Vanilla, I have had a shake for breakfast every day since I got it and I really have noticed a difference in energy level.

I was definitely skeptical about “shakes” before I tried Shakeology. Mainly because so many shakes are just packed full of synthetic supplements and they have that weird chemical taste. So reading about all the real foods that are in Shakeology was very impressive and a huge difference from what I had seen in other shakes. And the fact that it has a great flavor is super important in my willingness to drink it every day.

It has also been my saving grace. When I was serving in Afghanistan I was diagnosed with dysentery and my stomach has been a disaster ever since. BUT Shakeology has really helped with it and I haven’t had any of my usual stomach cramping/bleeding since I started drinking it! So yay … it’s a miracle!

– Sophia S., Denver CO

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