A FitGirls Fitness Gift Guide

You know that I love giving the gift of health – and that isn’t just about sneakers and workout clothes (although I love!) It’s giving a gift that can help with someone’s journey – mind/body/spirit. So with Christmas right around the corner what better way to help you than to share with my personal Fitness Gift Guide.  Everything shown here I have personally used on my wellness and fitness journey.  If you have a fun loving FitGirl in your life that is into fitness & overall improving her health & wellness, check out this Fitness Gift Guide for my top Christmas gift ideas!

A FitGirls Christmas Gift Guide

Fitness Gift Guide

Cafe Latte Shakeology.  The newest addition to the Shakeology family is not your typical protein shake.  It’s packed with vitamins, superfoods, and powerful nutrition and tastes amazing! It’s like a fancy frappuccino latte without the guilt (for about the same or less price per serving).


Valslides. Want to target multiple body parts such as your legs, inner thighs, and butt all at the same time? These are a MUST have – you can turn your carpet, tile or wood floors into an unstable training surface that will make usual workout moves even more intense. You’ll workout muscles you didn’t think you had. For what they initially seem, they are a splurge, but 100% worth it.  They are lightweight and portable and a great investment to sculpt muscle at home or when traveling.

Nike Free Trainer 5.0
Nike Free Trainer 5.0. I’ve gone through a lot of athletic shoes over the years and the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is one that I love so much that I’ve purchased multiple pairs. In fact, for years it’s the only one that I’ve purchase for cross training. They are comfortable, provide support and are light for interval, HIIT and strength training workouts.

PiYo.  This is a workout I teach live and also do from home. This has become one of my “soulmate” workouts because it’s so unique. PiYo is not pilates and it is not yoga. Although it uses the best of those 2 practices, it’s really it’s own thing. It’s a full-body strength training workout with a major calorie burn infused with stretch, balance and flexibility training. It’s like a workout with a massage all in one. And because it’s a low impact program it’s perfect for a beginner up to athlete.

Fabletics OutfitFabletics Gear. I cannot get enough of Fabletics. They have super cute leggings and tops that are great for a variety of workouts from light and intense workout support. Fabletics also has comfy and stylish casual wear for lounging, going shopping or meeting a girlfriend for brunch. Who doesn’t wanna be cute, stylish and comfortable?! And with the link I provided you can get your first outfit for only $25!! I know that the #FitGirl in your life will love these styles.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils. Essential Oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. I use essential oils in a variety of ways whether it’s diffused, mixed with lotion/carrier oil or added to my bath salts. What I love about this brand it’s that they are 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- no fillers, additives, bases or carriers added. And many of their scents are Kid Safe when diluted.

cute journal

Cute & Inspiring Journal. How can you not get clear your head space and be inspired by writing down your feelings, thoughts, lists, poems, lyrics … whatever you want to write about with a cute journal? Journaling has become a huge part of my mental wellness. And let’s be real, it is the most important part of keeping our mind and bodies fit. So gift a cute journal for a friend & one for yourself to set the intention in 2017 to make it a great year. (And hey, if you get the essential oils, you can burn them while journaling!)

Beachbody Performance Pack. This supplement pack includes my 2 go to supplements: Recover & Energize.  Recover helps to break down the muscle tissues after an intense workout to reduce soreness and Energize is a tasty little pre-workout – think energizer bunny without the jitters. Both products are all natural & comprised of the highest ingredients for best results.

FitBit Charge HR2

FitBit Charge HR 2.  I currently have the older model, so this HR 2 is on my wish list because it’s definitely an upgrade and reasonably priced (compared to Apple Watch and other wearables with similar functionalities). The HR 2 not only helps keep track of your fitness goals, but also great for keeping up with day to day things like text messages, email, and calendar alerts. With this and the model I currently have, I easily sync my activity into My Fitness Pal to track calories and food throughout the day.  Best of all, it gives me a little nudge when it’s time to wake up in the morning. And, I like it because it can also be disguised as a thick bracelet – so I like to stack my bracelets around it to dress it up!

Cuisinart SmartPower Compact Portable Blender. Don’t pay triple the price for ninja when this is just as good. It’s slim yet powerful and does it all. Use the streamlined blender jar to make smoothies in a flash or mince herbs in the chopping cup and whip up custom drinks right in the travel cups. And cups are BPA-free.


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The reviews expressed in this article are mine alone and this post is not sponsored by any of the brands listed.  Some affiliate links are included.


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