How to Deal with Negative People

Wanna know how I’ve learned how to deal with negative people?

How to Deal with Negative People

Through personal development and surrounding myself with people who lift me up and vice versa!

Over the past few years, I’ve really started soaking up as much personal development resources as possible. 

And I’ve recently started sharing some of the things I’m learning in my newsletter. So why not also do that here!

Personal Development opens up a new world of possibilities for growth! And I think it’s much better to be a better YOU all-around than to have a 6-pack. Don’t you agree?


I mean … look at the picture of Chalene Johnson and who she’s surrounded by.

>>> Notice something? <<<

They all look HAPPY! You can choose who you spend your time with, but I know especially in the beginning of your healthy-lifestyle journey it can be really hard to deal with negative people. And unfortunately, some of the negativity will come from those closest to you.

This is a GREAT video that I HIGHLY recommend you take just 7 minutes to watch. As YOU get healthier, you will get happier … as you get happier you’ll start to notice some “vampires” (aka energy suckers) in your life. Many of us super happy people don’t know how to deal with negative people so well at first because we just want to help as many people as possible and want EVERYONE to be happy. But we have to march forward and continue growing, while also preserving our positive vibe and values.

BELOW is Chalene Johnson’s advice on HOW to deal with negative people (spot on!).
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