Day 18 | OMG Becky … look at her back!

Body Beast

OMG Becky, look at her back!


But seriously.

Today marks Day 18 of my 10-week plan that is consisting of #BodyBeast with a low-carb diet 6 days a week + one carbalicious refeed night per week. It’s the last week of the first phase called “Build” and I’m really excited about my results so far. They’re not super obvious to anyone. But I can tell the difference. I can FEEL the difference.

They are slowly building up … the quiet before the storm.

↠ The scale hasn’t moved … and I’m okay with that.
↠ My inches are a little up and down (waist down, arms up) … but my body is surely sliming and trimming. Bye-bye “fluffy”!
↠ Although I feel like you have to PEEL me out of bed in the morning … my overall energy during the day has INCREASED.
↠ And last but not least, my body fat has decreased by 2%! Woo hoo!

Losing body fat while building muscle is a SLOOWWWWW process. It’s not the same as losing weight. It’s about being patient with yourself, looking at the bigger picture and having fun along the way while enjoying the journey.

Plus, it helps to have my awesome #FitGirlsCommunity to help me stay motivated and in the game on those hard days!

Looking forward to what the next phase brings! In the meantime, slow, steady and consistent STRONG steps forward!

I’ll keep you posted. xoxo

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