Day 1 | 10-Week Body Beast Training!

body beast  training

Here’s my accountability.

Today marks Day 1 of my 10-week training. It will primarily consist of an at home program called Body Beast … but I will sprinkle in PiYo and Turbo Kick. Today was a 45-min chest & tris workout.

I’ll be focusing on a high fat, lower carb nutrition plan for 6-7 days followed by a high carb, “refeed” night! 🙌🏼

Shakeology daily and lots and lots of water!

I know how EXCITING, yet scary starting a new workout program or training season can be. You’re super pumped because you’re READY for change. At the same time, old echoes of doubt want to take over your mind and convince you that you can’t do it.

Maybe the doubt runs deep from the past or maybe it’s because you’ve failed a few times … but one thing I’ve learned on my journey is to EMBRACE “failing FORWARD“. I know you’ve heard that term. It’s basically “failing” by making a mistake, or stopping/halting towards a goal, having a setback … but LEARNING from it that you’re moving forward and applying it. I feel the only true way to improve is by failing, but learning during that process. And if you’re learning you’re definitely never failing … you’re just improving … evolving!

I’ve had so many “stops and starts” throughout my journey. And for me that was the particular “echo” in my mind that made me a bit scared for starting this 10-week journey. I thought to myself, will I allow life to get in the way like I have before? Will I allow my anxiety to take over my emotions and influence my food choices? Will I allow old habits to set back in? Will I cheat my way the last few weeks knowing “I’m almost there, I can relax.” Yup, those were some of my doubts/thoughts. But I’m SO DETERMINED. Why? Because each time I’ve been “determined” I’ve just gotten closer.

Each stop has wanted me to start more.

Each setback has wanted to leap forward.

Each failure has wanted to me to grow more.

Whatever your echo, fear, or intimidation … know that each time you’re one step closer. That you’re becoming more resilient with each step. And often times, your excitement will TAKE OVER your fear … so jump in and be willing to fail forward.

Let’s do this!!! 💪🏼😜

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