Congratulations to Artika for Losing 12 Pounds in 2 Weeks

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left] It wasn’t always easy for Artika to lose weight. But not because she couldn’t … but because she wasn’t giving anything an honest chance.

I met Artika about a year ago. We chatted over coffee at a Starbucks and she shared with me her weight loss and fitness goals along with her frustrations she experienced while trying to get back on track. We both left the meeting very enthused and excited! And she ended up purchasing Shakeology from me.

From time to time, I reached out to her to say hi and check on her progress. At first, she wasn’t very detailed in her responses, but I finally got her to open up again. And she admitted that she only drank Shakeology for a couple of days and never finished the bag. She also started asking me questions about other various weight loss programs. I asked her bluntly, “why do you want to spend more money on this, that and the other, when you haven’t even fully given any of the ones you’ve already purchased on honest chance.” It wasn’t about her sticking with me or drinking Shakeology (although I knew that could help her). It was more about her giving something — anything — an honest chance. And from that point really determining if it was benefiting her or not.

And I could identify that quickly, because I saw a lot of my past patterns in her. When we want something soooooo bad, we want it quickly. And if we don’t start seeing the results practically instantly we get discouraged. But the truth is … to see any true successes, you need to be diligent, patient and consistent — no matter if that’s exercise, eating well, creating good relationships, becoming successful in your career, etc.

So we met at Whole Foods. My main goal was to share with her how to put together a game plan, stick to it and succeed. Then, afterwards, we went grocery shopping together and I shared some tips on how to read labels and what to look out for when food shopping.

After that meeting the first week or so was a trial period. This is very typical for people when they first attempt changing their habits for the better. (Hey, this even applies to me after a vacation. You know … that first week when you’re back is not the easiest. And although you have EVERY intention to be back on track immediately upon returning, you have slip ups.) So that first week or two is an adjustment period of trial and error. But man oh man, as soon as she flew past that stage she was ON FIRE!!

In just 2 weeks of sticking to the plan we outlined, which included drinking Shakeology daily and working out 3-4x a week consistently (to programs that she already owned and going for walks) — she LOST 12 POUNDS!

But what I’m even more proud of is her dedication and determination  … and how she’s learned that it’s about committing to something ,sticking to it and giving it TIME.

I can’t wait to see her results 2 weeks from now and then a few months from now!

Keep it up it, lady! So, very proud of you!


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