5 Tips for a Healthier 4th of July

5 Tips for a Healthier 4th of July Holidays are for supposed to be fun and meant to be enjoyed. But you don’t have to completely sabotage your healthy lifestyle efforts every time you attend a holiday event or barbecue. Here are 5 easy tips to help you stay on track, save hundreds of calories, all

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Dose of Body Love

Have you ever found yourself picking yourself apart in the mirror? From your butt, your stomach, your arms, your legs, your teeth, your laugh lines, your hair … shall I go on? Do you even do this daily? What’s sad, but true, is that most of us don’t consciously even realize the frequency of these negative messages

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8 Tips to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating fresh, healthy, organic, local foods sounds great! But if you’re on a budget it can seem impossible. But I promise, it’s not! But I feel your pain, because I used to think that too. And although boxed foods can (unfortunately) be less expensive, getting healthy food can still fit within your budget and not

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Your Year in Review: 30 Questions to Help You Reflect

I feel that at the core human beings in general have all the great intentions in the world. We want to improve, we want to love and we want to evolve.   We want the best for others. And we want the best for ourselves.   However, how do we KNOW what we truly want

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Fall = pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! And in Florida, it has FINALLY felt like fall! The air has turned crisp (with NO humidity – YAY!) and I’m burning yummy candles and essential oils to match the season. I’ve also pulled out my favorite scarves, dusted off my fun boots and ready to go to pumpkin

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Project Sahara Kickoff

Today is my birthday. Best way to start it is with this amazing man by my side on the beach. We prayed, appreciated the beauty of “The Painter” and kicked off my Project Sahara! Today, I decided to draw a line in the sand _____________ literally. I  made a vow to let go of the

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