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I help women not only create a #badass healthy lifestyle, but also #badass online businesses.

Here’s the deal. Success comes in many forms, and it’s different for everyone. But I knew for me it wasn’t only about money. For me it was about purpose and legacy. It was about helping others do something more, be something more, while also creating something far bigger than a “corner office” or a fancy job title.

That’s why I ditched my corporate climbing ambitions to instead create my LEGACY and help others do the same.

If you are craving that FREEDOM to break away from the typical subscription of life and create your legacy, let’s chat. If you’re craving the freedom of not having to work toward someone else’s goals or follow someone else’s agenda, let’s chat. If you’re craving not having to rely on a boss for a raise or be blocked by a salary cap or corporate budget that you have no control over, let’s chat.

Each month I personally mentor a small group of select ambitious, smart and caring women. If you are the kind of person who dreams big, is teachable and excited to help others … maybe we should have a conversation? If you are the type of person who can set big “no matter what” goals, focus on the success of others while improving yourself and unafraid to put in some hard WORK … I need you to help me on our team’s mission to empower others to end the trend of obesity and get healthy inside-and-out.

This gig isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work being a #fitgirlboss. But it’s the most rewarding thing to know you have control of your life, destiny and legacy. All with God’s grace and guidance, front and center.

Click below to simply have a conversation with me and see if it’s a good fit.

This could seriously be the beginning of something magical …

Let’s DO THIS baby dolls!

This may be a totally scary-crazy leap for you – but you’re jumping in with both feet! Or maybe … you are 100% confident you were put on this earth to empower, sweat, inspire and ROCK IT, but still have a few questions.

Either way, I’m here to answer all your questions.

If you are the kind of person who dreams big, is teachable and excited to help others … who can set big “no matter goals,” focus on the success of others and  put in some serious work  … then I need you to help me on our team’s mission to empower others to end the trend of obesity and get healthy inside-and-out. ♥

It’s important to know that the person you enroll with as a coach will become your mentor, your business partner and your #1 resource in this business.

Whether you want to become a coach just for the 25% VIP discount, as a hobby or passion, as something part-time … or because you’re {ready} to build a business/empire/legacy/ministry full-time {career}, I know this is the beginning of something truly magical.

The Overview

The Pre-Reqs 

  1. Must be 18 or older.

  2. Must live in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada or a U.S. military base.

  3. Must not be a Beachbody coach or currently work with a coach.

If you have any questions about “if” you have a coach already, if your coach is no longer active, you’re not sure if you have one, or you’ve never been contacted by them, please email me here.

Helpful Links

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  3. Using Your Past to Shape Your Future – Never too late to follow your dreams.

  4. Get More Details on Coaching – Backstage Pass Invitation to my business so you can see if it’s a good fit for YOU.

Common Concerns/Questions


This is probably THE most common response I receive from people who want to be a coach SO BADLY, but are just afraid they aren’t “fit enough” or “good enough” to help others {yet}. I’m going to be straight up and say it like it is: this is a pretty bad idea. WHY? Because who can relate to “perfect”? There’s no such thing anyways, but no one is looking for that! In fact, YOUR motivation could be exactly what they really need. Being able to {relate} to and work {alongside} a coach that has (or had) similar struggles, circumstances, emotions and set-backs as someone starting their journey, creates a higher level of comfort and security. Besides … there’s no weight/body fat %/size requirement to inspire and empower others while letting them know you genuinely care!

Becoming a coach also helps YOU stay motivated and accountable to your own goals. As a coach you’re surrounded with a community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you. They value positivity and progress – not perfection – and work together on creating health success. Having a team of fellow coaches and their experiences, accountability and friendship is exactly what you may need to keep you super focused, driven and motivated to PUSH forward and acheive the health & fitness level you always knew you could reach.


I don’t know about you, but I am not only motivated by those who have overcome a physical transformation, but those who have also conquered emotional burdens. The people who touch my heart and inspire me are those who believe in others’ potential, display compassion, have determination and ambition and are beautiful from the heart. They are the ones who make me want to LIVE a better life – and become a better person every day – who don’t make the “outside” the only thing that matters. The whole journey is really about changing outside-in and inside-out!

It’s important to get healthy, and healthy has a lot of different shapes and facets!

Here’s the reality: there are about 200 million obese Americans … and we need all the help we can get in ending the trend of obesity. And there’s approximately 61.5 million Americans that need mental/emotional help. I’m a firm believer that eating healthy, working out and having positive support helps with both!

Remember this: your inspirational transformation story may have not been written yet. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, put on more muscle, lean out, improve your agility/athleticism OR feel happy, get more energy, reduce stress … your story is NOT limited to a side-by-side mirror shot or comparing yourself to others. Your story is all about OVERCOMING something and empowering others do the same.


Coaching is about caring for people, building relationships and sharing your story. You may not have many followers because you haven’t had a reason to share anything of REAL value to your networks. (And maybe you just didn’t wanna post about arbitrary things.)

But once you BECOME a coach, sharing your journey, ATTRACTS people to start following you. Being a source of inspiration, accomplishing things that most people won’t try to pursue, and proving proof that you CAN change your life will certainly get people’s attention and start building a momentum.

The goal is NOT to have a million-person following, instead it’s to HELP the people around you that NEED your help.  You’re providing a SOLUTION for a need. Your social network grows with time and consistency.

Let’s look at it this way. If you had a million people accessible to you and you try to invite them to your workout programs and fitness challenges, would you know what to do with all of them? Would you be able to really help them? No way!! It’s too much all at once.

When you start your coaching journey, you realize quickly that it takes time, personal growth/development, trial and error, failing forward and a bunch of relationship building. As long as you genuinely care about the needs and goals of others, you will not only attract people who want your coaching help, but you’ll also start being able to identify the needs of those who you meet in your everyday life like the the supermarket, your workplace, or in your social circle that would benefit from your motivation and support.


Um. Since when do trainers ONLY work with clients that have the exact same history as them? Or train them the same exact way? Since when do hair stylists cut the same hair style for everyone? Since when, do doctors ONLY treat patients that have had the same medical history?

It’s simple. If you have a heart to help people transform their bodies and their lives, you WILL be successful.

You were inspired to make a change on your own. That displays a HUGE level of intrinsic motivation that could be put to use leading those who need support and accountability and hope that they can do the same. Don’t limit the impact you can make just because your story isn’t exactly like everyone else’s.


There is definitely a huge need for personal trainers in gyms or boutique studios to support clients and have that personal interaction. But … what happens all the other days that your clients don’t see you? What happens when they can’t afford your sessions anymore? What happens when they get incredible results, but they have friends and family who want to get healthy, but cannot afford your services? What happens when they just can’t PHYSICALLY get to the gym to see you because of life circumstances?

From the moment I became a coach, my first realization was, “This would TRANSFORM the way personal trainers work.” Imagine being able to support your clients not only when you see them at the gym, but also through simple nutrition and at-home workouts, and get paid for the both sessions in the gym and what they do in their living rooms?

I know first hand, because although I don’t do PT at this time, I do offer group fitness training. And it’s DEFINITELY revolutionized the way I offer SOLUTIONS for my clients’ needs.

Helps Others + Live LIFE by Design!




What I do as a FitGirl

I absolutely love what I do! Inspiring, motivating and helping others to change their lives! Not only is this rewarding in itself, but it continues to PUSH me to be better!FitGirls Empower Beachbody Coaching. Help others. Earn Money. Get Healthy. Vanessa Aviles. Work from Home.

FitGirls Empower is a group of motivated and amazing people who SERVE & EMPOWER and provide support, motivation and encouragement to people on a daily basis to help them achieve their individual health and fitness goals. As a coach, I  provide free advice and support to people who are enrolled as my customer or coach with a Team Beachbody account. It’s my job and duty to help you set realistic goals and then, together we can create an action plan.  We start off with the larger, big-picture goals, then we “reverse-engineer” those goals into small, bite-size manageable goals.  We work together to overcome things like emotional eating & triggers, staying healthy while traveling, meal planning, healthy snacks, and of course motivation.



Let’s create an {em}powerful movement!

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