Be a fit #badass.

Be a fit #badass.

To be a fit #badass is not about being skinny. 🙅🏻

It’s about being HEALTHY and being FIT based on YOUR unique body shape, goals, and genes. Other people can inspire you, but don’t compare yourself to them. They had a unique journey, and so do YOU!

Confession time.

Oh boy, did I used to compare myself to other people! I would pick myself apart. And I still need to remind myself not to. I’ve always hated the fact that I will always have cellulite and that my biggest problem area is my lower abs and outer hips. Can you say #greekgirl, anyone?! I’ve had to work SUPER HARD to get where I am today (have you seen my before photos?) And until I really worked on my inner strength, all I was doing on the outside was yo-yo dieting and my up-and-down weight reflected that.

Let me remind you of something very important.

Jealousy and the comparison game is a thief of joy! It’s also a thief of time. Because you’re wasting your energy instead of tapping into your creativity, talents and awesomeness! And you are awesome. Don’t waste your energy there. Instead use it to fuel your own journey and transformation.

Here’s another thing to ponder. “Fit” isn’t really about your physical transformation!

Say what?!

Being FIT isn’t only about being strong and healthy on the outside. But more importantly it’s about your INNER strength and mindset. It’s about breaking down those walls of fear so you can allow the tools you’re using to actually WORK!! So don’t only focus on the weight you have to lose, but focus more about what’s going on inside. Why did you gain the weight? What’s been holding you back? How do you cope with stress? Do you have confidence issues? And why?

It’s time to put away the idea of skinny. It’s time to stop the jealousy and comparison games. It’s time to kick FEAR in the face. It’s time to GET STRONG and be a fit #badass so you so you can live your life truly empowered!

What is the main thing holding you back right now?



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