Your Year in Review: 30 Questions to Help You Reflect
I feel that at the core human beings in general have all the great intentions in the world. We want to improve, we want to love and we want to evolve.
We want the best for others.
And we want the best for ourselves.
However, how do we KNOW what we truly want and more importantly HOW to get there?
We can have ALL of these awesome ideas floating around in our heads all day long … but TRANSFERRING our beautiful intentions into ACTION needs honest reflection.
As much as I’ve wanted to be on “GO” mode this week, I’ve given myself some SPACE.
To recharge and reflect.
It’s such a valuable exercise to spend some time between Christmas and the New Year in reflection of what has passed, what is … and what can potentially BE.
This time of year holds great potential for healing, growth, expansion … allowing the opportunity to create authentic and soulful intentions for the future.
To help, I’m spending some time to answer some simple, yet POWERFUL questions … and I wanted to pass them along to you in case they are helpful.
Take a time out.
Do this exericse.
It is so important.
If you feel you “can’t” because of running around, kids, family, getting ready for this, that and the other … that is just an indication that you probably NEED this more than you think!
Avoid stepping into the New Year frantic and “running around” like crazy … and instead STEP INTO the New Year with beautiful intentions that are based on serenity yet powerful fierceness.
Below are 30 questions of self reflection.
Whether you do them now or in the first few weeks of the New Year, give yourself that gift.
And feel free to share any other reflective questions that you come up in the comments section below.
You can not only give me something new to consider … but also help others who come across this post!
1. What am I most proud of this past year?
2. What lessons have I learned?
3. How can I become a better _____________?
4. Where am I feeling stuck?
5. What is HONESTLY not serving me RIGHT NOW?
6. Habits: What old habits would I like to release? What new habits would I like to cultivate?
7. How well did I take care of my body, mind, and soul?
8. Where do I need to allow myself grace?
9. How did I spend my free time?
10. In what ways can I re-structure my time?
11. Am I passionate about my career?
12. What did my finances look like?
13. What feels forced/hard?
14. How have I been open-minded?
15. How have I been closed-minded?
16. When did I feel most creatively inspired?
17. What projects have I completed?
18. How have I procrastinated?
19. How have I allowed fear of failure to hold me back?
20. Where has self-doubt taken over?
21. What steps have I taken to continue learning & growing? (books, podcasts, seminars, workshops, courses)
22. When have I felt the most alive?
23. How have I taught others to respect me?
24. How can I improve my relationships?
25. Have I been unfair to anyone?
26. Who do I need to forgive?
27. What needs healing?
28. In what areas do I need to let go?
29. How can I be kind to myself?
30. What do I REALY REALLY WANT? What are the desired goals, feelings, in all parts of your life?

Sleigh the Holidays Challenge

Let’s … Sleigh the Holidays Together!

A Fit & Fierce Holiday Survival Guide: November 27th, 2017–December 31st, 2017.

I wanna know …

Do the holidays tend to easily get you off track?

Do you over indulge?

Do you give in easily to temptations?

Do you feel stressed, exhausted and grasping at straws to stay excited about the holiday season?

If you are looking for a way to stay accountable to your health and fitness goals … and needing short workouts, meal plans, healthy swaps to your favorite holiday foods and someone to keep your butt in gear … then I am here!

I am going to be kicking off the holiday survival guide group on the 27th of November.

 Let me help you make it your healthiest holiday yet and prep for a FIERCE New Year!

And listen up! This go around, I have 2 options for you to get started:

  • Option 1: A FREE One Week Pass to “Clean Week”
  • Option 2: Full Access to my Fit Club: specific workout to follow, 30-day meal plan, recipes, daily challenges and accountability

Option 1:

Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle with new super trainer Megan Davies. You will get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and optional one week’s supply of my delicious superfoods mix. Everything will be accessible online and for free!

Option 2:

Access to Clean Week AND to my full Fierce Fit Club membership, which includes a program specific to your goals, a meal plan designed for you and the program you’re following, food portioning containers to help you eat the right foods in the right quantities, one month supply of my superfoods mix and free coaching and support. Full details can be found here.

And to make it more interesting I’m giving away some handy *zen-the-holidays* stocking stuffers to those who are ENGAGED and doing the work!

I want to #payitforward and close the end of 2017 out STRONG!!

What Option Do You Go With?

That’s up to you!

You can start off with the Free Clean Week Series and then Level Up to the Fierce Fit Club Monthly Group.
OR … you can simply just do one or the other.

**Just know that I have limited spots to my Fit Club so I can ensure I’m giving everyone proper coaching and attention. 

Let me help you make it your healthiest holiday yet! Apply below for either option, and let’s chat to get you started!









Fall = pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

And in Florida, it has FINALLY felt like fall! The air has turned crisp (with NO humidity – YAY!) and I’m burning yummy candles and essential oils to match the season. I’ve also pulled out my favorite scarves, dusted off my fun boots and ready to go to pumpkin patch.

I’m slightly addicted to pumpkin flavored or smelling anything! So, in honor of one my favorite seasons, I decided to shake things up with my normal daily shakes.

And I’m actually going to give you two different variations with similar ingredients!! So here goes …


¼ cup water
1 cup ice
¾ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Vegan Shakeology with superfoods)
½ cup canned pumpkin puree, unsweetened
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp. pure organic maple syrup (or raw honey)
1 Tbsp. coarsely chopped raw pecans

Place water, ice, almond milk, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, pecans, pumpkin pie spice and protein in blender.
Cover; blend until smooth.


↠ Although maple syrup is a healthier, natural sugar, feel free to reduce the amount or remove altogether if you are moderating your sugar intake.

↠ If you don’t like the taste of pecans, feel free to substitute with almonds or remove.

↠ After blending, feel free to add a little more water if it comes out too thick.


¼ cup water
1 cup ice
¾ cup unsweetened almond milk (plain or vanilla)
½ cup canned pumpkin puree, unsweetened
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I use Vegan Shakeology with superfoods)
½ tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. nutmeg

Place water, ice, almond milk, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg and protein in blender.
Cover; blend until smooth.


↠ After blending, feel free to add a little more water if it comes out too thick.

Please note: I take a hard anti-soy stance and will never recommend soy milk or any protein powders that use that as the protein source. I feel that soy consumption increases estrogen, decreases testosterone, and slows metabolism, making it counterproductive to your fitness/health goals.
I hope you enjoy these Pumpkin Smoothies! Please let me know which one you try (or both!) and leave a comment below! Any questions, I’ll be happy to help!

Project Sahara Kickoff

Today is my birthday.

Best way to start it is with this amazing man by my side on the beach.
We prayed, appreciated the beauty of “The Painter” and kicked off my Project Sahara!

Today, I decided to draw a line in the sand _____________ literally.

I  made a vow to let go of the ONE thing that was truly holding me back. A promise, to go on a deep inward journey by relying on my inner strength and leaning more into God’s promise.

I decided to give this personal project the name Project Sahara because it’s positioning myself in a place of solitude. Walking through my own “desert” that is the natural extension of the inner silence of the body … in order to grow and flourish within the “oasis” I create by truly tapping into my full talents … those God-given gifts! {woah, just got deep!}

This line in the sand signifies being set FREE of any chains or crutches that held me down and dimmed my light. It’s not going to be easy, it’s the road less traveled, but it’s going to be marvelous because of how its already shaping me!

Because what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

Although I’m not ready to share {full} details, I’ll share some highlights for now:
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with myself
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with bad habits
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with negative people
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with “needing approval”
↠ I’m drawing a line in the sand with limiting beliefs

To “formalize” this project and have a daily visual reminder of my promise, I ordered a customized bracelet with the words “PROJECT SAHARA” on it. Eeeeeeek! I seriously got butterflies in my stomach when I saw the FedEx guy pull up to deliver it.

I don’t know about you, but when you put something in writing – whether on paper, stone or metal – it just comes more alive. More real. And definitely more of a commitment.


I’m nervous, yet more excited.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m full of a mix of feelings … excitement, determination, bravery with a dash of nervousness and doubt!

But I think that’s TOTALLY normal when we are about to embark on a special journey. And something we KNOW we’ll come stronger on the other side.

Change is never easy.
But our FOCUS should be on what we WANT more of.

To remain the same?
Or to know we truly overcame?

Discipline in the right direction is HARD.
But so is staying stuck in a rut.
So we must CHOOSE our {hard}.

Where do you feel you’re stuck?
Identify it.
Then make a decision to change it.

And as you can tell, I like to give myself words of intention toward a particular project. So choose a THEME word (or words) to help YOU focus not that specific goal towards your unique transformation.

And hey … if you’ve been ready to commit to something as well and would like to create a similar bracelet with My Intent Project and get $5 off, click here.

p.s. I am NOT affiliated with this company. I just happened to stumble on them online and liked what they’re doing!

This is a time for discipline, creativity, self-reflection, self-motivation, inner-transformation and a chance to see what I’m REALLY made of!

It’s time to really wear my wings with honor. 

p.s. Stay tuned, as I’ll be updating you on ALL the details of Project Sahara!







The Top Shop Now Open

So excited to officially open up “My Top Shop!”

This online store is going to be dedicated to fun gear that is all about  ‘Fierce & Free’ expression! From fun tanks, flowy shirts to expressive coffee mugs … it’s all about women empowerment with a dash of sass.

Keep in touch because I’ll be adding new designs soon!

Which ones are your favorite so far?

Window Shop Now