Are you OVER being broke, unhealthy, and unfulfilled?

If you’re Over It … believe me I KNOW the feeling. I was there a couple of years ago.

It’s not fun. And it’s depressing. But the good news is that YOU can always do something about it! You just have to believe in yourself … and I mean REALLY BELIEVE in yourself. But anything can be done if put your mind and heart into it. I had always heard that statement as a little girl, “you can do anything you want,” and I believed it. As the years went by and I transitioned from a little girl to a young woman, maybe some life lessons made me a little jaded for a period of time and that “you can do anything you want,” statement became a total joke. I mean, yeah, I had a job. But was it REALLY what I wanted?

Anyone who knows me well, knows my PASSION is to help others. I’ve had this feeling in me since I was a little girl. And now it’s become my MISSION to help others overcome what’s REALLY HOLDING THEM BACK: themselves. So my story here is to merely help and INSPIRE … even if it’s just one person.

Doing something new and different is SCARY. But to me, being unhappy and living paycheck to paycheck is even SCARIER. There’s something to theory of “short term sacrifice for long term reward.”

A couple of years ago, maybe I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, but I was certainly not as conservative as I should have been – which prevented me to do certain things down the road. And let’s not even talk about my student loans and debt!! Even more, I was in a career that I liked (at times), but overall left me empty. I hated the rat race … the political drama … and the extra looooooooong hours without the extra pay.

During this period I had also gained a ton of weight … you know because I was stressed and unhappy. I’m sure that sounds familiar. So it basically got to the point that I HAD to STOP having a pity party for myself. I just had to SUCK IT UP and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

For me part of the solution was signing up as a Beachbody coach. I put the cost for my sign up fee AND my Shakeology order on my credit card. And I promised myself I would earn AT LEAST that amount back by the end of the month so that I could pay off my credit card. I DECIDED I would go ALL IN. And I did for an entire 6 months. And I was doing GREAT … was really building momentum. But then, some family stuff happened and I put everything pretty much on hold. I was still lightly involved, but my mind was elsewhere. And I gained some weight back … pretty much coming back full circle … isn’t that fun?! <insert sarcasm>.

And then I had to give myself a REALITY CHECK. Something will always come up. Something will always go “wrong.”  The stars WILL NOT align so Vanessa can be successful. The truth is that you just have to SET SAIL and go with it … learning that there will NEVER be a perfect time or situation. So I RECOMMITTED, promising myself that I WOULD MAKE THIS HAPPEN NO MATTER WHAT. I started really focusing. Reading personal development, learning how other successful coaches were running their businesses (by observing) and then, modeling it after theirs, but ensure I was also making it MY OWN! After all, it absolutely has to have a Vanessa flair! 

To this day, I continue to listen to every call I can, watch as many training videos as possible, surrounding myself with more positive, like-minded people. I did … and continue to do this … because I made a PROMISE to MYSELF that I would DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT. That I was OVER IT and I was NOT going BACK THERE … no more EXC– USES, STRUGGLING OR FAILURE. That’s simply just NOT an option.

Until you get SO SICK AND TIRED … where you are truly OVER IT, over where you’re currently at … that the thought of staying there is MORE PAINFUL than the thought of taking a RISK and trying something NEW… unfortunately, nothing is going to CHANGE.

Doing the same ‘ol thing is NOT going to get you different results.

If you are in a place you don’t want to be anymore… It’s time to take a LEAP OF FAITH. You better change something or you will ALWAYS be scraping for change.

I CHALLENGE those of you who might say, “I can’t afford to take a risk” – for whatever your fears or reasons – to really look out towards your long-term future and ask yourself, “Can you afford NOT TO?”

Some of the GREATEST success stories of ALL TIME are not people who came from wealthy families or even higher education … they are the people who had, at one time, got the courage to reach within themselves, decided enough was enough, take a RISK to try something new, and went on to make SOMETHING out of basically NOTHING!

No matter WHAT has happened to you to get you to where you are today… I want you to know that God has plans to use it in your life for a reason and a greater purpose. The first step is deciding and believing that you CAN.

“Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

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