About Me

Hi! I want to tell you all a little bit about myself and what inspired me follow my heart and my dreams.

To me, the key to happiness is finding beauty, appreciation and love in what we already have coupled with the freedom to grow, transform and fly — all while remaining grounded and humble.

So it’s very fitting that the meaning of vanessa is “butterfly.”

I love learning about new cultures, traveling, dancing, dabbling in photography, fashion and anything girly. Above all it’s very important and rewarding to take care of myself and family through health, fitness and spiritual growth.

Over the last 5 years, fitness has gradually become a huge passion of mine. So much so, last year I decided to really focus on it both on a personal and professional level.


Vanessa Avilés, Diamond Beachbody Coach - Team Tough Knockouts
Personal Impact

Fitness has definitely helped to shape my life in many positive ways — physically and mentally. Not only do I feel more confident in the way that I look, but more importantly how healthy I feel along with how empowered I feel to have set defined goals that I have met. And it doesn’t stop there. This determination and positive approach has impacted other areas of my life including my marketing job, my way of thinking, my relationships with others, and the relationship with myself!

But it wasn’t always like that. I used to smoke cigarettes for almost 9 years (I can’t believe that!). And six years ago I QUIT! I also have anxiety issues, specifically OCD, so to help cope with anxious thoughts I leaned on smoking, food and alcohol for comfort, relief and escape rather than finding a more productive outlet. I tried working out, went to different gyms and had several memberships … but it never quite “stuck”. At least not consistently. I would work out, then stop — work out, then stop. Sound familiar?

I also tried to eat healthy. But again it didn’t stick. That newly self-made pact I made on Mondays to eat healthy went completely out the window on the weekends. Throughout my college years, I was on this crazy, weird, inconsistent cycle of healthy versus unhealthy lifestyle that was very tiresome.

But I knew deep inside the “real” me naturally wanted to be healthy and shed myself of this burden … so I never gave up on myself. I cannot count how many times I tried to quit smoking. I cannot count the hours I spent working on improving myself and working on my anxiety. I cannot count how many times I tried to “start” eating healthy. But what I do remember is that I NEVER gave up …

Then, along came Turbo Jam … and I fell in love with the format and with Chalene’s energy, style, personality and advice. And that definitely “stuck”.

Between finding my “soul mate workout”, embracing my stubbornness to never give up on myself, and having the wonderful help and support of my family and friends … the transformation began.

Professional Impact

When I was little and was asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up,” I always responded with “helping people.” As I grew up and evaluated my career path, I didn’t know which industry would provide me with the opportunity to help people all while providing me with self-growth, a genuine interest in the field and a good income.

I ended up going for a BA in mass communications because I love interacting with people. But still, over the years it has left me looking for something more because it didn’t provide me with that real satisfaction of “helping people.”

Now as a Beachbody Diamond Coach, co-founder of FitGirls Empower and as a group fitness trainer, I’m so thankful and privileged to have the opportunity to help others in the way I originally imagined.

I’m hopeful and determined to mold this passion into an amazing new journey… And I’d love for you to join me!

~Vanessa ♥

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