8 Tips to NOT Overeat during the Holidays

I’m all about treating yourself and having a balanced life. I’m not one of those extremists when it comes to my diet. Yes, I like to eat healthy, avoid crappy foods, drink lots of water and exercise – daily. This is about 80-90% of the time. But I also understand the importance of having some food fun. BUT… during the holidays people tend to have a little too much fun with the eating festivities that some mild depression can onset come Monday because of the over over over indulgence.

8 Tips to NOT Overeat during the Holidays

It’s okay to have some gravy. Just don’t get CRAZY! Here are some tips that will help you not overdo it:

1. Visualize your plate.
It’s easier to keep control if you have a plan. Decide in advance how many spoonfuls of corn casserole you’re going to have AHEAD OF TIME. Visualize yourself having just one plateful of turkey with all the fixings—without going back for more. And for dessert, imagine a small piece of pie afterwards.

2. It’s an ordinary day with ONE cheat MEAL. That’s it.
Wake up, have breakfast, eat a snack, eat a healthy lunch, and snack. And then have your holiday dinner – free pass. BUT … and here’s what’s really important … don’t fast just so you can eat more at dinner! That will just cause you to overeat that night—and it won’t help your diet. Dumping all your food into one huge meal ruins digestion.

3. Make it a buffet.
If you’re hosting, avoid putting all of the food out on the table and instead make a buffet. A variety of different reports indicate that if you need to get up to get seconds or thirds, you’re less inclined to make the trip.

4. Wait 30 minutes before dessert.
Did you know that the body takes about 30 minutes to figure out it’s full?? Yup! So put that fork down between dinner and dessert, and give it the 30-minute rule before diving into that pie. When you feel full, you’ll be less inclined to serve yourself a pie slice the size of limo.

5. Drink lots of water.
Staying hydrated not only helps you stay full, but it also helps you clear yourself of toxins. I’m guessing the Turkey day festivities will be full of sodium, so you’ll be ahead of the game of ridding yourself of that by drinking lots of water throughout the day.

5. Moderation is the key.
Relax. Take a breath. Pace yourself, and enjoy every single little bite. You’ll enjoy the food better and it will be more worth it, rather than just shoving it down your throat and not remembering how it tasted.

8. If you blow it – don’t obsess over it.
So, despite all this wonderful advice – lol – you might still pig out. And yeah, that happens. It’s happened to the best of us. I mean try your hardest to avoid it, but if you do, don’t torture yourself, starve yourself or try to do Turbo Fire for 8 straight hours to make up for it. That won’t work!! The body doesn’t work well when you try to overcompensate. It just leads to poor eating and overtraining. Which is the opposite extreme. Just get back into your routine and don’t look back.

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