5 Tips for a Healthier 4th of July

5 Tips for a Healthier 4th of July

Holidays are for supposed to be fun and meant to be enjoyed. But you don’t have to completely sabotage your healthy lifestyle efforts every time you attend a holiday event or barbecue.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you stay on track, save hundreds of calories, all while not feeling completely deprived during your 4th of July celebrations!

1) Morning Workout 

Knockout your workout early in the morning so it’s out of the way.
If you’re crunched on time, do a 15-30 minute workout. It’s better than nothing. Plus, if you do a HIIT workout it will maximize your time and burn a TON of calories. You will feel SO MUCH better going to your event having your workout completed. Plus, it will even help you make better food choices throughout the day.

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Another way to stay active is by starting a new tradition with friends and family. You can start a family kickball tournament, or a friendly volleyball game … or if you’re near hiking grounds go for a pre or post-dinner hike.  Not only will these kinds of activities be a great way to get everyone’s blood pumping it’s also a fun way to have an annual tradition that can create great memories!

2) Water First

Stay hydrated my friends! And watch the soda and alcohol.

Drink water throughout the day. And even a bigger tip is to drink water first – meaning chug 12-16 oz of water before eating anything. This will not only help you feel full, but it will help you avoid drinking too much sugar-based teas, sodas or alcohol, which are full of EMPTY CALORIES!

Making smart choices can be the difference between losing or gaining weight – not to mention your self-control. For instance, one sugary margarita can have 600-800 calories. So think about it. Having just three margaritas is more food than what you should be consuming in an entire day.

But if you’re really craving something outside of water — and I totally get it being a holiday to want to cheers — then here are some healthier swaps:

  • Skinny Margarita – instead of using sugary mixers, here’s a recipe by Well Plated to make this drink from scratch using only 4 ingredients.
  • If you’re craving something with fizz, instead of sodas opt for some sparkling water with lime and/or some fruit.
  • Mixed cocktails – instead of coke, sprite or heavy syrups use soda water as a mixer. For example, vodka, soda water, with a splash of cranberry-pineapple and a twist of lime can be very refreshing without the calorie load. And hey, why not, throw in that pretty umbrella in there!
  • Love vino? Stick to red wine preferably made with organic grapes or opt for a glass of bubbly instead!

3) Small Plates + Veggies Most

Instead of grabbing the standard-size plate – use a dessert/appetizer plate instead!
Studies show that people who choose smaller plates eat less without even noticing!  The difference can be as much as 56% less food with small plates than with larger plates. 

Not only is it good to stick with small plates, but it’s also just as important to fill those plates with healthier foods first.

A good rule of thumb is to fill your plate mostly with veggies, which help slow digestion, help you fill full and have fewer calories. 

Sticking with small plates filled with nutritiously dense foods will help you have the same level of fullness and satisfaction that stuffing your face with fatty foods has. And the bonus: you won’t feel sluggish or gross afterwards!

4) Dessert

Oh Dessert! That table decorated with all that red, white and blue icing and sprinkles will lure you in. My best advice on this topic is to have some sweets!

Yup. You read that correctly.

As counterintuitive as that sounds, not feeling so restricted while stepping in front of that dessert table with a CHOICE, is so much more empowering than feeling like everything is off limits. The more you tell yourself “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t” … the more you want to. We’re just like kids in that sense!

But at this point, if you followed the other tips above, all that water and veggie consumption, should help you not go overboard.

But, to further help you lessen any sugary binges, I suggest:

  • Eating some fruit first. Strawberries, watermelon, peaches, bananas are just a few yummy fruits that will help with the sweet tooth.
  • Still want a cookie or cupcake? Go for it. Maybe just share it with a friend or grab one of the smaller ones. Drink water first though!

5) Wear good sunscreen

It’s a good chance you’re going to be outside, and possibly for hours at a time. I highly suggest wearing a good sunscreen, especially on your face.

Having rosacea, it’s taken me years to find a really solid overall skincare regiment. The hardest product for me to find was a good sunscreen that was not only made with natural ingredients but also didn’t flare up my rosacea. 

Just this year, I finally found one that I love. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic,  paraben free, synthetic fragrance-free, and PEG free.

It’s the Squalane + Minteral SPF 45 by Biossance. You can find it directly on their website or at Sephora.

Which tip helped you the most?

Do you have some you’d like to share?

Comment below and share!

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