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When I started getting REALLY serious with my health I looked into Shakeology. A friendEC928C01-5FF4-45E9-94BA-46F663D49BA8 of mine mentioned that Shakeology was the healthiest meal of the day, but I had to know the reason why. So I have it a go for 30 days, while also doing research to learn more about all of the various ingredients. An through that process, I learned a lot about health and nutrition. And I learned more about all of the ingredients. One of the most vital components of Shakeology is the probiotics!

Like many other people, my #1 goal when I first started my journey was WEIGHT LOSS. So I needed to figure out WHY Shakeology helps you lose weight. Well, for me the most appealing reason is that it helps reduces cravings while helping you feel full.  But why does it actually help with weight loss?! Pre and Pro biotics play a major part!

Did you know that our bodies are full of bacteria?! Our intestinal track is filled with a combination of both good and bad bacterias. If you actually take a moment to stop and think about it … that sounds gross, right!?! But it’s not … it’s the way our bodies function and one way we stay balanced. So for example, when we eat things like bad carbs and sugars … they feed the bad bacteria in our body, causing our immune system to suffer. And when we have an abundance of bad bacteria in our intestinal track, we crave more and more sugar and carbs in order to feed those bad bacterias. It is a vicious cycle.

That makes sense though, right? When you cave and start eating a bunch of crap … typically that crap is what? Carbs and sugar. And after that “fun fest” is SUPER hard to get back on track since now we’ve fed that bad bacteria and all we crave is more and more crap!

But it’s not limited to weight gain.

Not only does sugar make you gain weight and make your blood sugar rise, it also causes you immune system to grow weaker. And pre and pro biotics actually help to put the GOOD back into our intestines. They help balance out good and bad bacterias. And the good bacteria help with digestion and absorption of nutrients. These friendly bacteria are critical to the proper development of our immune system … and protection against disease. Creating a balance in your system is SUPER important because diseases can manifest for those who are out of balance.

So …

Where does Shakeology play into all of this? Shakeology contains a proprietary nondairy probiotic blend that includes bifodobacterium longum, lactobacillus acidophilis, lactobacillus acidophilusDDS-1, lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus casei, and streptococcus thermophilus. GOODNESS!! If you’re like me … you have NO IDEA how to pronounce those words … much less know they mean ;-)!!!

Basically, it has all of the goodies to help create balance in your gut, helping your body to digest your food properly, which in turn will help you to lose weight. You metabolism will work more efficiently, you will have MORE energy since you’re getting rid of the junk, and you will absorb all of the nutrients that your body needs to thrive. You will also see a decrease in your sugar cravings, as the bad bacteria in your gut will decrease. HOLLER!

Another factor to keep in mind is stress. This is a BIG ONE that people generally overlook. When your body is experiencing an imbalance you will experience stress in the body, which in turn causes cortisol in the brain. Cortisol is a major contributor to belly fat!

Stress is such an overlooked factor of a poor diet. Initially my journey started because I needed to lose weight. I didn’t realize how much it would help me inside. As someone who has an anxiety (obsessive compulsive disorder), this has literally become my pill. I have still had to work on myself through exposure therapy and self-exploration/journaling, but working out and balancing out my system has been one of the biggest contributing factors to helping me get my OCD under control. This is HUGE! And I want to tell the world how important this overlooked – simple thing – can do for your stress.

So in a nutshell … here’s a review:

  1. Probiotics help balance out the good & bad bacteria. This balance aids the digestion process.
  2. Probiotics help reduce cravings of sugar and carbs. BAM!
  3. The introduction of probiotics increases the number of good bacteria in your intestines, causing an improvement in your immune system.
  4. The balance of good & bad bacteria reduces stress on the body, causing a drop in cortisol. Cortisol plays a major role in stomach fat. Plus helps you get your stress under control!

Shakeology also helps with many digestive diseases like Irritable Bowl Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. Read more on my article Shakeology and Crohn’s Disease.

Thre are so many wonderful benefits in of Shakeology. Watch this video below to learn more about this life changing substance!


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1 thought on “Shakeology and Pro Biotics | Weights Loss & Stress”

  1. Hello!

    I know your article was written a while ago, but I just found it and wanted to comment.

    I recently starting using a “superfood” powdered substance I found at Wal-mart (can’t think of the brand name right now. It’s about about $15 per container.) Then I started on Shakeology this week. Through all this I’ve seemed to notice my OCD getting a little better, but didn’t know if it was just “all in my head” or not…LOL! So I started doing some Googling on Shakeology and OCD and that’s how I found your article. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    For years, I’ve been on a drug called Fluvoxamine for OCD. It has unpleasant side effects and I think it may be starting to affect my memory, as well. I’ve tried to go off of it very gradually a couple times, following the doctor’s instructions, but both times I’ve had terrible withdrawal effects- dizzy spurts (some people call them brain zaps or electrical shock type feelings in the brain) and extreme nausea. Needless to say, I’ve been wanting to find a way to get off this drug and stay off! One time when I was off of it a while, not only was the OCD back, but I had other symptoms like crying all the time, so I went back on it. It’s like it has changed the chemistry of my brain! I’d never cried like that before in my life. Granted, I was going through some major life stress, but I shouldn’t have been feeling the way I was. I know it was the fluvoxamine. I’d heard that if you go off a drug like that and then go back on, you might not get the same relief from your illness that you did before. That was correct. It took me a long time back on the drug to get the same relief from OCD that I had experienced before.

    Fluvoxamine is generic Luvox, by the way.

    So I’ve been wanting to find some vitamin or supplement to treat OCD and have been wondering if OCD could even be from some nutritional deficiency since I don’t eat much in the way of vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables. So when I started drinking this powder mix from Wal-mart and now Shakeology this week and feeling somewhat better with my OCD, I wondered if there could be a connection. While I hate how expensive Shakeology is, if it helps me with this debilitating disease, I’ll find the money to buy it. I’ve only been on it 5 days, so I want to give it some more time and decrease my fluvoxamine and see what happens.

    But if you have any other insights on OCD and nutrition or know of anyone who has been able to help OCD with certain vitamins, supplements, etc., and have time to message me, I’d sure appreciate it.

    Thank you again for your article!

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